Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Votes Are In: IDOL 'TOP 9' Unveiled!

After an entertaining night of Idol contestants performing Elton John classics Wednesday night, America had some tough choices to make and vote for their favorites. And VOTE they the tune of an Idol record 55 Million votes! WOW! That's a lot of text messages and phone calls for sure!
We learned early in the show from Ryan Seacrest that Casey Abrams received many of those votes, so he's safe for another week. There were really no surprises that the BOTTOM 3 were: Naima Adedapo, Thia Megia and Paul McDonald. And the 2 voted off by America are:
  • Naima Adedapo-She's NOT 'still standing' anymore after the reggae performance Wednesday night led to her downfall
  • Thia Megia- Just not enough energy from this 16-year old phenom, but she'll be OK....and I wouldn't be surprised to see her competing on Idol again next year, or on X-Factor this fall, so keep an eye out for her.
Sooooo.....with the two ladies eliminated, unfortunately that means Paul 'Smiley' McDonald lives on to squeak out another obscure tune next week.....ugh.....the pain!
Paul McDonald Lives On!
Other 'Idol' thoughts from Thursday night's results show....
  • Best performance of the night by far (and this includes the non-Idol performers too!) was Scottie and Lauren with the country duet of "I Told You So".....very well done!
  • Maybe we got a sneak peak of Pia Toscano actually showing some movement on stage with Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" during the threesome performance with Haley and Thia, though I think Haley out-sung her on stage. Not to heap trash on Thia, but she looked out of place here.
  • I have NEVER liked Fantasia, and last night's performance just added to my dislike for her. What was that all about anyway? From the crazy hairdo to the dress to the song....HORRIBLE! I flipped over the Flyers game until she was done....Ugh!
  • Don't worry about the foursome of James, Paul, Casey and Stefano performing together anywhere soon as a band. Their version of "Band On the Run" had me running to the kitchen for another glass of wine to get through the song......painful!
What are your thoughts on this week's results? Were the right folks sent home? If not, who do you think should have been voted off? Who are your current favorites to make it to the Finals? Let Eddie Idol know your thoughts.
More to come before the 'TOP 9' performances next Wednesday night, but for now, Eddie Idol is.....OUT!  

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  1. I'm quite fine with who went home. There's a lot of talent this year, so there's no shame in not moving on. Thia has amazing talent, but she seems destined for the stage, not radio.

    Absolutely love the duet between Lauren and Scotty. Great stuff.

    Glad my wife and I aren't the only ones who don't care for Fantasia.

    Next week I hope to see Paul go home. I think the final three are going to be James, Pia and Scotty... I've thought that for a while, but you never know on idol.