Thursday, March 10, 2011

The TOP 13: The GOOD...The BAD..and The UGLY...& Who Goes Home Tonight?

Since the LINK to my Idol Blog for whatever reason wasn’t making its way to people’s mailboxes  (yesterday’s messages never were NEVER delivered, even to myself, can’t figure out why!!??) and in the interest of running against the clock after a busy day of work….here were my thoughts earlier BEFORE tonight’s show: (Posted before the show, with POST SHOW comments to follow)

·       Casey Abrams-Another solid performance, though I’m still not a BIG fan…..SAFE
·       Pia Toscano- Ditto….the girl has some pipes and can flat out hit notes nobody else can…..SAFE
·       James Durbin- Nicely done rendition and showed his softer side….SAFE
·       Haley Rinehart- In my opinion, the BEST of last night…..SAFE
·       James Lusk- Could have done without all the choir singers, but the guy can hit some serious notes…..SAFE
·       Scotty McReery- I’m a BIG Garth Brooks fan, and this was just OK….not nearly as good as the judges made him out to be , but….SAFE
·       Naima Adedapo-Wasn’t great, but give her credit for stepping OUT of her comfort zone….SAFE
·       Lauren Alaina-From the stupid outfit to all her pitchiness, she butchered the song….Shania had to be cringing….bad performance in my eyes….but good enough in most other folks eyes to make her…..SAFE
·       Ashton Jones-Thought she was just OK…..AGAIN! She could be in the dreaded BOTTOM 3 tonight!
·       Paul McDonald-This guy is quickly getting on my nerves, hated the obscure song and the performance…won’t be surprised at all if he’s in the BOTTOM 3, but he’s probably SAFE to move on.
·       Thia Magia- As I feared in my Idol Blog that I posted early yesterday that nobody read (except Ray and Pete….thanks guys!), she got swallowed up last night and will most likely be in the BOTTOM 3 and could possibly go home tonight
·       Stefano Langono-I didn’t care at all for his performance or his rendition of the Stevie Wonder song….he’s a ‘Latino Justin Bieber wanna-be’…..BOTTOM 3 tonight possibly, but the teenie bopper girls will cast enough votes to keep him SAFE
·       Karen Rodriguez-Another BORING BALLAD that’s getting old quick….BOTTOM 3…..and BEST chance of going home tonight…BYE-BYE Ballad Queen! At last we get to her David Cook’s farewell song for Season 10!
OK….that’s the quick and the skinny from Eddie Idol tonight! Looking forward to the 1-hour show with Adam Lambert’s acoustical new-mix version of ‘Aftermath’ from his debut album….he’s one talented performer! More reaction from Eddie Idol……AFTER THE SHOW!

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