Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IDOL: The TOP 11....Rankings and Who Makes the 'Touring Top 10'?

Last week’s IDOL theme was the old stand by ‘songs from the year contestants were born’. Up this week: yet another tired old theme without flexibility…Classic Motown Tunes, one which I’m sure certain folks will struggle with, first that comes to mind is Scotty McDonald and Lauren Alaina….let’s see if they can both sing something other than country!
Up until tonight’s show, here are my thoughts and Rankings on the TOP 11, based on 3 factors: Vocal ability, Stage Presence, and…can they sell records IF they win!
1.    Pia Toscano- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the girl has some pipes and can flat out hit notes nobody else can….but can she be more than a Celine Dion Diva wanna-be…..she needs to open up more on stage, and entertain the audience MORE.
2.    Scotty McReery- This kid has gone from someone who I didn’t think was worthy of the TOP 24 to possibly being in the finals….he’s got the country niche nailed and can sell albums afterward
3.    James Durbin- Much talent but a little cocky too….but he has the potential to be in the finals if he puts it all together and keeps focused and more humble that he’s been given the opportunity he has. He’s certainly got the rocker niche nailed down!
4.    Casey Abrams- He’s talented, but very odd….and I’m still not sold on him. There’s a dark side to this kid we don’t know about yet. And just what is this kid’s niche with music? I can’t imagine the type of album he’d make….seriously?
5.    Stefano Langono-He’s grown leaps and bounds, and the judges and America seem to love him. He’s on the rise more so than all others, has stage presence and enough of the young demo to buy a be-bop record he’d make.
6.    Lauren Alaina-Judges and America seem to like her……..but I’m not sold on her vocally. She needs to mature vocally and as a person.
7.    James Lusk- Incredible voice, but lacks the stage presence…and other than a gospel album….what????
8.    Thia Magia- Incredible voice for a 16 year old, sings way beyond her years, but lacks the stage presence it takes to win this thing, yet doesn’t act or dress young enough…..but she’ll still be TOP 10.
9.    Haley Rinehart- Biggest disappointment so far, but has the talent if she’d just put it all together. It’s obvious America (the female vote at least!) is NOT in love with her, voting her in the dreaded ‘Bottom 3’ two weeks in a row. Just not enough guys voting for her. But…with the right song choices and some positive feedback from the judges, think she’ll tour in the TOP 10.
10.           Paul McDonald-The guy is just over-hyped and I don’t see all that the judges and others see. So he’s got a unique voice….so what….I personally think he’s rather poor vocally, has horrible stage presence (big deal, he smiles a lot!), picks obscure songs and is as odd as or odder than Abrams is.
11.           Naima Adedapo-I was happy for her when she made the TOP 24, and maybe she’ll get lucky and tour as a TOP 10 finalist, but she’s got ZERO chance of winning this thing!

OK….that’s it from Eddie Idol before tonight’s Motown Classics Show. Who’s your favorite so far? Who do you think is IN IT TO WIN IT? More reaction from Eddie Idol……AFTER THE SHOW!

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  1. Motown is typically not my favorite week of American Idol. The producers had stated earlier in the year that they were not going to force contestants to sing outside their genre, so it'll be interesting how they set up Scotty & Lauren on this.

    I've been on the Scotty McCreery bandwagon since the beginning; glad to see you are finally taking notice. My concern was if he would be able to handle the showmanship during the top 12, but so far he has done fine. Regardless of how he does on Idol, someone will sign him to a contract.

    Eddie... you and I are still agreeing far too much this season. Scary. Scary indeed.

  2. It is way too scary Ray! What's that about!!?? I think Scotty and Lauren did well last night, see my latest post just put up a bit ago and your thoughts going into tonight....tough call on who goes home, thought last night's show was pretty solid!