Thursday, March 24, 2011

IDOL TOP 11 Grades....and Who Makes the 'TOURING TOP 10'?

Last night’s 'Motown Classics’ show on IDOL was VERY entertaining, and America is faced with a tough choice for sure on who to send home next. So tonight we find out who the ‘TOURING TOP 10’ are… dim the lights… we go….

  • Casey Abrams: Kicked things off with “Heard It Through the Grapevine.” OK….enough with the Casey love-fest here! If the show was called ‘American Entertainer’, Casey would be the front-runner…..but it’s a SINGING competition people, and judges too! He’ll tour with the TOP 10….but he’s poor vocally, and he always looks angry and mad at someone….ok, new nickname….’Casey The Madman’….Grade: C-
  • Thia Megia: Sings “Heat Wave.” Vocally it was fine, but also nothing special and just OK. She opened up more, but it was very karaoke for me. Not enough heat for me Thia! She’ll be in the dreaded ‘BOTTOM 3’ tonight, and could be going home.  Grade: C+
  • Jacob Lusk: Sang “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Steven Tyler was so impressed he rushed on stage to hug ‘Baby Luther’. Vocally, I was impressed with his control and he delivered an awesome performance. Touring! Grade: A-
·        Lauren Alaina: Our country gal sang “You Keep Me Hanging On.” Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of Lauren, but this was probably her best performance since the finals started. She was very entertaining, looked great on stage, and vocally delivered some country sass and attitude to a Motown classic . Grade: B+
·        Stefano Langone: I knew it was a disaster at “Hello” from Lionel Richie! Horrible song choice! L Stefano promises to keep his eyes open, but ….sorry big guy, the eyes closed every time on the big notes. He’s safe for another week and will tour, but in my opinion, no way close as good as last week, and should be in the BOTTOM 3 tonight if I was voting……but he probably won’t be thanks to all those young girls’ texting 75-100 messages on their unlimited text plans that mom and dad buy for them!  Grade: D+
  • Haley Reinhart: Sang “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.” She looks like Mariah Carey on stage, but did she do better vocally?  The opening was bad, thought she was going to trip down the steps, and you could barely hear her. I agree with what the judges said, as Haley pulled it together in the middle and toward the end, and is a very sexy, soulful singer on stage….but will it be enough? I hope so, but something tells me ‘BOTTOM 3’ and could be headed home tonight. Truth be told, I’d rather see her stay and Thia go, I think Thia is in over her head here and Haley’s a better singer . Grade: B-
  • Scotty McCreery: Sang “For Once in My Life,” with a country style. Just OK for me, and he’s a little too animated with all the facial expressions and gestures…..but he was successful in taking a Motown song and making it country to suit his vocal style. TOP 10 and safe! Grade: C+
  • Pia Toscano: Sang “All in Love is Fair.” Yet another ballad for her, and even though it wasn’t her best, she still turned in a perfect vocal. She hits notes that no one else in this competition can, and I think is your next Celine Dion in the recording industry.  But I also agree with Randy… cannot live on ballads alone, and sooner or later she has to break out and do something different. Steven called her the ‘closest star in the American Idol Universe’. And, by the way, she looked elegant and very beautiful on stage the way she was dressed.  Front-Runner and the one to beat!  Grade:A
·        Paul McDonald: Sang “Tracks of My Tears”, but Paul…’re no Adam Lambert! Remember when Adam did it last year? He had Smokey in tears! Paul used his guitar for the first time on stage. He certainly looked more comfortable behind the guitar, and it obviously helped, because that was his best vocal yet, though there is some question of whether he flubbed on the words of the song, which EI follower Pete ‘I Know Motown’ Rosendale pointed out to me in an earlier message today. Safe and TOP 10…..unfortunately! L Grade: C+
  • Naima Adedapo: Sang “Dancing in the Streets.”  Naima entertained, singing well and adding some African dance moves too. She wasn’t nearly as pitchy as she had been the past couple weeks. I think it was good enough to buy her another week on the show, a Summer Tour with the TOP 10, and should keep her OUT of the ‘Bottom 3’ tonight. Grade: B-
·        James Durbin: James gets to close the show singing “Living for the City.” Tough spot to be in, either sink or swim in the spotlight of the last slot of the two-hour marathon show. It started out a little rough for me, but he’s a performer and an entertainer, and once he got rockin’, it was all good! He still needs to stay focused and cut back on the cockiness though. If he controls that, he could be in it until the end. TOP 10 and FINAL 4 for sure!   Grade: B+

Tonight’s one-hour results show on FOX (8-9PM)  will feature former Idol’s Jennifer Hudson and Casey James. Casey’s working on a debut album in Nashville, is rumored to be making an appearance (may just be a crowd spectator?) as he is currently the opening act for the talented country duo SUGARLAND (a fav of Eddie Idol!) on their current US concert  tour. Looking forward to seeing them perform tonight, but odd that IDOL picked Motown Week to have them perform on the show.
OK…..that’s it from Eddie Idol for now….more to follow…….after the votes!   


  1. Right on as usual Eddie Idol!!
    I thought Naima was the best of the night last night!! She certainly isn't boring:) I'm getting bored with Thia, Lauren, Pia, Stefano and Paul...They all can go home as far as I'm concerned and I wouldn't miss them;)

  2. I don't think the standings for the year changed much with last night's show. The favorites remain at the top, and the those at the bottom are staying there. I think Naima did manage to save herself for the week, but she has a very good chance to still be in the bottom 3.

    I really think Paul is overrated, and he should be in the bottom 3 (I thought so last week too), but he's got his fans and the judges keep endorsing him.

    I think Lauren makes the bottom three if either Paul or Naima don't.

    None of them have to worry however, because I think Haley will be going home this week. She's got that great look and sexy growl, but she doesn't use it very often, and after being in the bottom 3 the past two weeks, I didn't see anything last night that would push her up higher.

  3. America is starting to scare me with their voting; not only did I knot get any of the bottom three correct, I didn't even have the bottom four.

    Stefano and Thia were not that shocking, but Casey Abrams was... particularly when he was voted off. I don't think Abrams is going to win it all, and his past couple of weeks has been a divergence of what made him so popular in the early going, but I figured his fan base was strong enough. I guess not.

    At least the judges used the save wisely this year (unlike last year when I though they wasted it... I cannot remember who, but I remember feeling it was wasted at the time). And nice move by AI to expand the summer tour to 11.

    BTW... I don't know if I've ever seen a contestant so visibly shaken before. I thought Abrams was going to end up in the hospital again, he was shaking so hard.

  4. finally disagree big time! I think it was a WASTED SAVE on Abrams. He was clearly 'Bottom 3' on Motown night, with Stefano and I thought eithey Haley or Thia. IMHO....Abrams should NOT have been saved. This is a singing competition, and that means more than just being an entertainer. This save will come back to haunt the judges, as we all know American can be very stupid!
    Think for the ladies it's between PIA and Lauren....and when you cut it to those two, it's clearly PIA's to lose....and for the guys, it's Scotty and James, and that should be a dogfight. I still think, like I have since Hollywood Week, that PIA is head over heels above anyone else in this competition, it's her Idol Season 10 Title to lose!

  5. Eddie... you and I have always disagreed on the criteria. First of all... it's never been about singing; it's always been about performance (though I'm still at a lost how Kris Allen won).

    And you always look at only the last performance, or at least put a tremendous amount of weight on it. I always look at the body of work. The recent performances give an indication of how they are improving... and Abrams has struggled there. But he had an outstanding Joe Cocker song 3 weeks ago and some outstanding singing in the Hollywood auditions.

    If Durbin, Pia, or McCreedy have a lousy week this week, do you think they would deserve to be voted off?

    I don't think Abrams can win it, but he was a worthy save. Particularly since it guarantees he goes on tour... and he will entertain people.

    I'm far more concerned about Paul McDonald hanging around each week, than I am Casey Abrams. Other than one great Beatles song in Hollywood, I haven't heard anything from McDonald I've enjoyed.