Thursday, March 3, 2011

TOP 24 WEEK: Girls TOP 12 Recap & Who Should Move On?

There was no doubt that ladies were more impressive last night than the guys were Tuesday night, with way more talent to choose from. I really wish the semifinals lasted much longer than just this one week. I have so many girls rated so closely, it's much harder to pick the TOP 5 for them, and seems unfair to determine their fate by a single performance on the Idol stage.
That said, here’s the recap from last night's show and who I think will be in America's TOP 5 tonight and who may be a Wild Card:
  •  Ta-Tynisa Wilson- "Only Girl"......From the outfit to the song choice to the vocals, a train wreck! She was very pitchy and did NOTHING to stand out.....ta-ta Tynisa, you're going home tonight!

  • Naima Adedapo- "Summertime"....Awesome outfit that she wore that she herself designed, and thought she really put her own twist to the song. Very good stage presence too, she's got something 'special' and I hope the voters see that and put her through, but I have a feeling she may get left out and have to be a judge's Wild Card choice......either way, I hope she moves on and isn't sent packing.

  • Kendra Chantelle- "Impossible"....has the good looks and a solid bluesy voice to match that can hit all ranges, this girl is talented and 'TOP 5' worthy, the only thing that may hurt her tonight is she sang early in the show. If she's NOT voted thru by America, she'll be a good choice as a Wild Card pick.

  • Rachael Zevita- "Criminal"....I really liked this girl.....BEFORE last night's disaster! What a disappointment, UGH! From the black cape (Holy s*** Batman!) to the strutting all over the stage and almost tripping, just a bit over the top for me and many others I fear. Hope she's got her bags packed, she's headed home tonight.

  • Karen Rodriguez- "Hero".... Sang in both English and Spanish, much to J-Lo's delight and many others in the Idol audience. Started slowly for me and a bit shaky, but was for more impressive toward the middle and end of the song. Don't think it's TOP 5 worthy, but I think she's in the running for a Wild Card pick.

  • Lauren Turner- "Seven Day Fool"....Maybe it was the song choice, but it was just OK for me, not great. I don't think America will vote her through, so if she makes it, it'll be as a Wild Card because the judges certainly seem to like her a lot!

  • Ashton Jones- "Love All Over Me".....She reminds me of Syesha Mercado, but.....I don't like her nearly as much, and I never connected with her on this song.....just didn't do anything for me. I could be wrong, but I think she's going home tonight.

  • Julie Zorrilla- "Breakaway"....Gotta' say, biggest surprise and disappointment of the night for me. She was in trouble from the moment she picked “Breakaway.” If you’re 'gonna try and sing a Kelly Clarkson song on Idol, you better have the pipes to back it up. Instead, Julie was all over the place and very pitchy. She's done and headed home, but fear not, as I think she's one of the most beautiful Idol Contestants ever on the show, so I'm guessing she'll have a modeling career and we'll see her face on TV at some point.

  • Haley Reinhart- "Fallin' ".....2nd BEST performance of the night! Don't know WTF Randy was listening to, but this girl has that Idol look and sparkle, and a unique voice to back it all up! Thought she delivered a very sassy and sexy performance, and she's easily in my TOP 5 tonight, just hope America agrees with me....and not Randy on this one!

  • Thia Megia- "Out Here On My Own"......Most talented 15 year-old in the competition and I've liked her from her audition in Milwaukee. She took a risk by singing a song with a sleepy-type performance on a night when many others did just the opposite, but it seemed to work for her and the judges loved it! So did I, so I'm saying 'TOP 5'.....but if America screws up, then she's a front-runner as a Wild Card pick! 

  • Lauren Alaina- "Turn On The Radio".....I'm still not all ga-ga over this girl like the judges are, but, she'll make it through as the lone 'country gal' in the competition......TOP 5 tonight because she's been pimped by Idol more than a hooker in South Philly, :-o....but she wouldn't make the cut if I was voting. 

  • Pia Toscano - "I'll Stand By You"....BEST performance of the night! I've said it before and I'll say it again here....she's the most talented girl and the one to beat in this competition. Breezes through to the TOP 5 tonight!

  • TOP 5 GIRLS: Based on what I've seen and heard, in this order: Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart,  Kendra Chantelle, Thia Megia, & Naima Adedapo in the Finals.

    As for the WILD CARDS tonight: I would not be at all surprised to see three girls and no guys get the the Wild Card slots from the judges picks, but it will probably be 2 girls + 1 guy, giving the ladies a 7-6 edge in the TOP 13 FINALS.

    Speaking of the Idol Judges after the first two shows: Randy is the new 'gentler' Simon, J-Lo the new 'tougher' Paula and although I loved Steven Tyler in the auditions and Hollywood Week, what the heck has happened to him on these first two shows? He's lost his swagger and he looks stoned! Steven....WTF dude?

    More from Eddie Idol tomorrow after tonight's two-hour results show (8-10 PM on FOX) and your SEASON 10 TOP 13 is revealed!  


    1. I think America votes Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Araino, Thia Megia, and Karen Rodriguez forward.

      Have to disagree with you on the ladies over the guys. I'd say the judges, who are going to use the whole body of work, not just this week, could possibly move 3 guys into the wild card. However, they wouln't want 8 guys and 5 gals in the finals so it'll be 2 guys and 1 gal.

    2. Ray....did you cheat? ;-0 Can't believe you got the TOP 5 Girls! CONGRATS and well done Orange guy! I did NOT agree with all the picks....esp Karen Rodriguez and Stefano for the Wild Card, see new post to follow later today for more. Talented group though, should be a good season ahead.-EI

    3. PS---Hey Ray....told 'ya it'd be 7-6 in favor of the gals though, so give Eddie some love for that! :-)

    4. I got 9 of 10 just like you did, though I swept the women and missed the one guy; no way Paul McDonald should have made it... and I'll stick with Robbie Rosen. But Robbie probably would've been swallowed up by the competition soon.

      Judges should have put Rosen, Kendra and Stephano into the finals... I had Ashton and Naoma ranked #5 & #6 last night in the wild card round.

    5. I hope Paul 'squeaky' McDonald exits quickly Ray, his voice is starting to get on my nerves already. Ugh! :-(
      Agreed on Robbie, he probably would not have gone much farther, but possibly Top 10 and touring, always a plus.
      I'm not impressed with Ashton at all, and i think she's letting all the judges positive comments go to her head. She's NOT a diva by any stretch!
      On the other hand, there's something really special about Naima.....I hope she goes deep in the competition. Can she win it?...NO...there's just too much other talent, but I hope she makes a good run.