Thursday, March 17, 2011

TOP 12: Who should go home this week?

Once again….in the interest of running against the clock after a busy day of work and March Madness….here’s my thoughts on last night’s ‘Songs From The Year They Were Born’ show and who’s in trouble tonight…..drum roll please….and dim the lights:

·       Casey Abrams-A very odd performance, and squeaky and screechy….if I was voting, he’d be in my bottom 3, but…with America, he should be safe to sing another week….still….a very odd character this Casey is!
·       Pia Toscano- Odd musical arrangement, but she sang a Whitney classic well….VERY SAFE
·       James Durbin- Another nicely done song by rocker Bon Jovi….VERY SAFE
·       James Lusk- He sang last and that always helps, but it was hard for me to grasp the song by Heart….kept envisioning Ann Wilson singing it…..he should be SAFE
·       Scotty McReery- He did Travis Tritt better than Garth, another consistent and well done performance….his start is shining brighter….VERY SAFE
·       Lauren Alaina-Was surprised with a Melissa Etheridge song choice, but she did it well…..SAFE
·       Thia Magia- I thought she sang well, and does sing and sound much older than she really is….SAFE
·       Karen Rodriguez-Actually better than she was the prior week, and should be SAFE
·       Stefano Langono-OK….I’ll give props here, maybe the BEST performance of the night, and clearly in my eyes the best he’s done so far….VERY SAFE
·       Naima Adedapo-Wasn’t great, hard song by Tina Turner, but was easy to forget, very pitchy…BOTTOM 3 & could well be headed home tonight
·       Haley Rinehart- Didn’t like the song choice or the arrangement, but she does look great on stage….2nd week in a row though she will most likely be in the dreaded BOTOM 3, and could be headed home…but I truly hope she gets to sing another week! She wasn’t NEARLY AS BAS as Naima or Paul Squeaky McDonald
·       Paul McDonald-Just WTF do the judges and everyone else see in this guy???? OK…so he has a unique voice….so what!! He butchered another classic song, this time an Elton John song, and his moves and mannerisms are just hard to watch. I won’t be surprised at all if he’s in the BOTTOM 3, and I really hope he’s the one going home tonight!

OK….that’s the quick and the skinny from Eddie Idol tonight! Looking forward to the 1-hour show with last year’s winner Lee Dewyze performing, he’s struggling and needs a boost in record sales! NOT looking forward to Black Eyed Peas….I’ll turn the NCAA basketball games on when they perform! More reaction from Eddie Idol……AFTER THE SHOW!

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  1. March Madness has tied up my posting time too. I would've had the same bottom three as Eddie Idol, with Karen Rodriguez barely making the cut. I would've sent Naima home myself, but Karen going home is fine.

    The top contestants did well, the bottom did not... so not much change the past two weeks. It's scary that Eddy Idol and I are agreeing a lot this year.