Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The TOP 13: What They Will Be Singing Tonight

The Lineup and Song List for tonight's TOP 13:
Lauren Alaina: “Any Man of Mine” (Shania Twain)
Casey Abrams:  “With a Little Help from My Friends” (The Beatles)
Ashthon Jones: “When You Tell Me that You Love Me” (Diana Ross)
Paul McDonald: “Come Pick Me Up” (Ryan Adams)
Pia Toscano:   “All By Myself” (Eric Carmen)
James Durbin:  “Maybe I’m Amazed” (Paul McCartney)
Haley Reinhart:”Blue” (LeAnn Rimes)
Jacob Lusk:    “I Believe I Can Fly"  (R. Kelly)
Thia Megia:    “Smile” (Charlie Chaplin)
Stefano Langone: “Lately” (Stevie Wonder)
Karen Rodriguez: “I Could Fall in Love” (Selena)
Scotty McCreery: “The River” (Garth Brooks)
Naima Adedapo:   “Umbrella” (Rihanna)

Some thoughts........
  • There are an awful lot of ballads on this list, YIKES!....could be a real risk for some, but for Naima, singing in the final spot of the night could be a blessing, I think she'll stand out when she takes the stage and performs, so this could be a BIG moment for her.
  • I’m perplexed by James Durbin’s first-round song choice, Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.” With a theme that Idol singers can choose from— Your Personal Idol — thought he’d choose another rock song for sure.
  • Scotty McCreery should do well again singing Garth Brooks’ “The River”, a favorite of mine from the Garth Brooks collection of hits. 
  • Karen Rodriguez singing yet another ballad tonight...UGH! :--0
  • Looking forward to Haley singing a Lee Ann Rimes song, and Jacob Lusk should shine again singing "I Believe I Can Fly:"
  • Paul McDonald is singing an obscure song choice with "Come Pick Me Up", so hopefully it's easily forgettable, and with Alaina going first, maybe she'll lose out with the voters too, although a strong song choice for her with "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain.
  • Casey and Pia, strong Idol favorites at this point, should both do very well tonight. On the opposite end, I'm afraid getting swallowed up tonight will be Thia, Ashton and Stefano.....not at all crazy about their song choices or their spots in the lineup for tonight's two hour show on Fox.
By the way....IDOL is once again pre-taping this week’s performance show, the first of the Season 10 finals, so we'll have to wait at least another week or so for an actual 'LIVE' performance show on FOX from our finalists. interesting night ahead for sure....more late tonight or tomorrow on the actual performances before the results how tomorrow night....until then, Eddie Idol is....OUT!

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