Friday, March 4, 2011

THE FINAL 13: THOUGHTS & RECAP I'll start by saying that after 40 Million Votes, 6 Wild Card Sing-Off's and the LARGEST single-night cut ever on Idol.....I’m not 'completely' thrilled with EVERY choice in the 'FINAL 13' picked last night, but....pretty pleased for the most part. Some Eddie Idol thoughts from last night.....
  • TOP 5 Guys: Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, and Paul McDonald Wild Card: Stefano Langone.  
So....I'll crow here and say my picks were dead on for the TOP 5, though I'm NOT sold on Paul McDonald, but thought America would put him in. Of the 3 Wild Cards chosen to sing again for the guys, I didn't think Stefano was worthy to be in the FINAL 13, thought it should have been Robbie Rosen. Oh well, at least it wasn't Stefano, so I'm glad for that. Have fun building those ships Stefano!
  • TOP 5 Girls: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez, Thia Megia            Wild Cards: Ashthon Jones and Naima Adedapo
4 out of 5 here on the TOP 5 for Eddie Idol, so not tooo bad. I'm soooooo glad that Haley and Thia got voted through in the TOP 5, but baffled by Karen Rodriguez, though I'm sure she would have been a Wild Card anyway and pimped by J-Lo. Feel good part of the whole show for me was Naima being chosen as the final spot by Steven Tyler, very happy for her. :-) Still not sold on Ashton Jones and don't think she's the Diva she and the judges think she is, and I thought Kendra was easily the better choice for a Wild Card spot over her...she sang so much better than Ashton did....oh well.....bummer. :-/
  • Who Got Screwed? Robbie Rosen and Kendra Chantelle....thought these two should be IN and Karen and Stefano should be OUT and flying back home today. Kendra is especially a talent, and I really think she should not have been passed over, she sang well enough to part of the FINAL 13. She absolutely killed on the middle and end of 'Georgia On My Mind' last night. Judges....WTF?
  • How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F?.....Not having to put up with Clint 'Jun-Bug' Gamboa anymore!
  • My Front-Runners: Still sticking with my original two before the TOP 24 were even chosen: Pia Toscano for the gals and James Durbin for the guys, though I think both have stiff competition to beat and it will be a tough battle for both to get to the FINALS.
  •  Girls Win!.....and have the edge with a 7-6 tally in the FINAL 13, as EI predicted it would be.
  • J-Lo's Video......made me dizzy....too much going on and I didn't know WTH to look at next! :-o
More to come next week when we get two hours of Idol on Wednesday night (8-10PM on FOX) watching the FINAL 13 perform for the first time together, followed by a one-hour results show Thursday night from 8-9 PM on FOX. Adam Lambert is set to perform "Aftermath" from his debut album, but done acoustic style. Also featured that night will be a performance by Diddy-Dirty Money, who will be joined by Skylar Grey.
We’ll also likely hear the new Idol farewell song, for those voted off, by David Cook — the cover of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” — which for some reason was omitted from last night’s show, too tight on time I guess.
OK.....that's a wrap! Until next week....Eddie Idol is....OUT!


  1. Orange Ray tied Eddie Idol, both of us going 9-10 on our picks. If Robbie Rosen made the final ten as Eddie Idol suggests, I would've been 10-10.

    I'm afraid of Paul McDonald becoming the Taylor Hicks / Danny Gokey of this competition. He did some really good stuff during the Hollywood performance, but his quirkiness / off kilter voice with Maggie May could be an indicator of worst things to come.

    I'm not happy with the judges wild card picks, but really I think America did pretty good with the top 10, so there wasn't much the judges could do. I agree Kendra and Robbie should have moved on; I would have kept Stefano based on his performance last night.

    BTW, you've got a typo in your article... you are referring to Stefano as the Shipbuilder; from your context its clear you mean Jovanny.

  2. All good points Ray, and I agree on Paul McDonald. I thought America did better than the judges. You and I do disagree on Naima though, I always thought she was Top 13 worthy.
    Thanks for the 'correction'....both you and my niece Pam caught me on the typo, YES....I meant Jovanny, not Stefano, but truth be told I'd like Stefano OUT of the competition too, think he's gonna' get swallowed up quickly!

  3. Well thank you for the tip about Glambert!! I'll be watching! Are you having fun, Eddie Idol?