Thursday, March 31, 2011

IDOL TOP 11 Grades: Which Two Go Home Tonight?

Last night’s show on IDOL was supposed to be ‘Songs from the 80’s’, but in a surprising change, it was the contestants choosing and singing songs from the ‘Elton John Songbook’, and it was a VERY entertaining show! I’m still not over the ‘Casey Abrams Save’ from last week, think it was a wasted save and horrible move, one that will come back to haunt the judges over the coming weeks.
That being said, because of the Madman being saved, all TOP 11 will tour, and tonight, two contestants will be sent home, as we find out who the ‘TOP 9’ are… dim the lights… we go….

  • Scotty McCreery: Sang “Country Comfort”…..only song Elton ever performed with a country twist to it. It was awesome, and I agree with Randy, I can see this song on his first album and being performed at a concert, well done Scottie! This kid is a young George Strait. TOP 9 and safe! Grade: A-
  • Naima Adedapo: Sang “I’m Still Standing”…. Reggae style, which people will either love or hate. Props to he for taking a risk and being creative, something most folks are NOT doing this year. Probably ‘Bottom 3’ tonight, but I hope for her creativity she doesn’t get sent home. Grade: C+
  • Paul McDonald: Sang “Rocket Man”, a song he said he performed years ago with his band and it was a disaster. Well, guess what Paul….it’s still a disaster! Performance did nothing to change my mind that this kid should be sent home. And the flowered suit….again??!! See you on a crest commercial Paul….BOTTOM 3 tonight and should be one of the two to go home! L Grade: D+
  • Pia Toscano: Sang “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”….YES….another ballad for her, and even though she did exactly what all the judges told her not to do at the end of last week’s performance, she nailed it again with another perfect vocal. Still the Front-Runner and still the one to beat!  Grade:A
  •  Stefano Langone: Chose to sing “Tiny Dancer”, 2nd week in a row with a horrible song choice!  Stefano does not do well with ballads, he’s much better with up-tempo songs…and he struggled mightily with this song choice, just as Jimmy predicted he would. Thought the move at the end reaching out to J-Lo was pretty cheesy too….He’s in my BOTTOM 3 tonight for the 2nd straight week. Grade: D
  • Lauren Alaina: Sang the EJ classic “Candle In The Wind.” First time I listened to this I wasn’t moved and thought it was just OK. 2nd time though, I thought it was as good as the judges thought. Nicely done, but someone needs to pull this girl aside and teach her how to interview and not talk like she’s 12 years old! TOP 9! Grade: B
  •  James Durbin: James chooses exactly the song I thought he should with “Saturday Night’s Alright.” He’s certainly not perfect vocally, but his energy, passion and planning on this one was impressive! TOP 9 and still FINAL 4 for me!   Grade: B+
  • Thia Megia: Sings “Daniel”, and vocally, it was fine, but also nothing special and just OK. I know I’m being repetitive here with her, but that’s just like she is with her song choices. She could very well be in the dreaded ‘BOTTOM 3’ tonight, and could be going home…..just like the prior week.  Grade: C-
  • Casey Abrams: Sang “Your Song.” OK….so you know I’m already bitter that this kid was saved last week, and last night’s performance did NOTHING to change my feelings that he’s very poor vocally. It wasn’t nearly as good as the judges said, and it was very pitchy. I could hear as good a performance at a local bar on karaoke night. I hope he’s in the BOTTOM 3 again, and this time…..he goes home! Grade: D-
  • Jacob Lusk: Sang “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. Not one of his better performances, and his facial expressions are downright scary at times! YIKES! :-o I would not be shocked if he was in the BOTTOM 3 tonight, but the last note of the song last night probably saved him from elimination…….TOP 9. Grade: C
  • Haley Reinhart: Sang “Bennie and The Jets.” She had the coveted final spot of the night, and did not disappoint! It was a great song choice, she really sang it well, had fun performing it, and I believe it was her best performance yet! As Steven Tyler says….she SINGS SEXY!  NO bottom 3 for her tonight, TOP 9! Grade: A-
Tonight’s one-hour results show on FOX (8-9PM) should be exciting. I’m hoping that besides the entertainers announced who are scheduled to perform (NONE of which I care to see or mention her) that Elton John will make a surprise stop on the show and perform!

OK…..that’s it from Eddie Idol for now….more to follow…….after the votes tonight!   


  1. Very enjoyable show last night; AI contestants are making it tough this year by routinely putting out good performances.

    Pia singing 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' was a no-brainer last night. Yes, she needs to do something different to diversity her resume, but she couldn't pass up on the opportunity to do one of the great ballads of all time. She does need to work on her stage presence though... she does not exube a lot of personality.

    I think there are actually quite a few Elton John songs that could be interpreted well via Scotty's country style. He chose a good one, but I think he would have done well with many others.

    I think Paul McDonald was the worst again... should be in the bottom 3, but hasn't sniffed it yet. Naima was okay, but not strong enough to gain a lot of support. However, her reggae was different enough to gain some outlier support. I think Thia was fine, but not memorable, and since she was in the bottom 3 last week, she'll be there again.

    Stefano was okay with Tiny Dancer, but not enough to move upward. Haley finally found a song to showcase her sexy growl; she should be fine.

    My bottom three would be Paul, Naima and Stefano, but I don't think both Paul & Naima will be in the bottom three... I think Thia will, so my prediction is Paul, Stefano and Thia, with Stefano and Thia going home.

  2. You were close Ray, solid critique....and I was PRAYING that Smiley would be sent home! But....he lives on for yet another week, and Thia and Naima are sent packing. No big surprise, but at least America is realizing that McDonald is not as good as he or the judges think he is! Let's hope he gets the boot soon.