Thursday, March 10, 2011

IDOL BOTTOM 3: Did the RIGHT Idol Go Home?

Going into tonight's results show, thought the dreaded BOTTOM 3 would include some combination of Ashthon Jones, Thia Meghia, Stefano Langono, Karen Rodriguez and possibly Paul McDonald because of his obscure song choice that few were familiar with on Wednesday nights show. Of those five, thought the two guys were safest best to stay the course.
So....dim the lights.....and it came as NO surprise that Karen and Ashton were in the BOTTOM 3 mix tonight, but......
Haley Rinehart? Are you freakin' kiddin' me America????? She's got more going for her than most of the girls in the TOP 13 (overall a solid package with voice, looks, stage presence, all the intangibles to be a star!) and has the 2nd best pure voice to Pia. Incredible to me that she had to sweat it out tonight, just incredible! 

But, all is well, and Ashton 'I thought I was a Diva?' Jones is packing her bags at the mansion and headed home tonight, and I'm not surprised or unhappy in the least. There was no way the 'Judges save' was going to be used tonight either, and Ashtn actually sang worse tonight than last night. I will admit that I was a bit surprised that it wasn't Karen leaving instead of her, and think little Thia should be counting her lucky stars that she was not in the BOTTOM 3 mix.

Maybe the BIGGEST announcement of the night? Casey Abrams was absent from the show and is back in the hospital. That’s too bad, because he’s definitely a front-runner in Season 10.

Adam Lambert looked good and sounded good on the acoustic re-mix of 'Aftermath', as I expected he would be. One of the BEST voices ever on Idol......who the heck did he lose out too again? :-/

Overall, a solid Week #1 Finals show......should be many exciting weeks ahead!   


  1. Ashton was my pick to go home; I would have had Naima in the bottom three instead of Haley.

    The top five to me, in no particular order, are Casey, Jacob, James, Scottie and Pia. If the champ isn't one of those five, I'll be shocked. Casey, if he doesn't get his health together soon, may not make the top 5.

    I think the champion this year may be decided more on the style of music they sing, than the actual quality of the contestant.

    I still stand by my season long position that any of these top 5 easily win idol last year.

  2. My TOP 5 are way different than America's Top 5 I'm sure, like Haley being a BIG fav of mine but not of America....I will post mine tomorrow, but your 5 aren't bad Ray, pretty solid.
    Casey's out of the hospital but still a big concern going forward with his condition.
    And you are correct...Idol is doing things different this year by letting contestants choose the songs and music styles they are comfortable in singing, so you're right, it's more style than overall quality, which is exactly why Scotty will remain a threat. More to come as the week progresses!