Monday, January 30, 2012


Just when I thought the Idol Auditions couldn't possibly get any worse......they did! Last Thursday's auditions in Galveston were the worse so far this season, beating back-to-back mediocre auditions in San Diego and Aspen. Texas usually has some pretty solid talent, going all the way back to Season 1 Winner Kelly Clarkson, but if what we saw on TV was some of the best the Lone Star State had, call me worried and concerned. In all, supposedly 54 Golden Tickets were handed out to folks in Teaxs, which now makes a little over 200 so far that are Hollywood bound from all the auditions.
Here's some brief notes on those we got to see from last Thursdays one-hour audition show in Galveston.....  
  • Skylar Laine, 17, Brandon, MS......teenage gal hoping to help save the small grocery store that’s been in the family for over 70 years.  Another Lauren Alaina wanna-be, and I'm not all that impressed, so don't think she makes it through HWW (Hollywood Week)
  • Baylie Brown, 21, Nashville, TN.....back auditioning a 2nd time after failing at age 16 to get past HWW in Season 6.  She's 21 now, sounds way better. This girl has the name, looks and a good enough voice to make it deep in the competition, so I'll say TOP 24, and someone to keep a close eye on.
  • Kristin Osorio, 28, Amarillo, TX.... another contestant in the last year of Idol eligibility, since Idol caps the competition at 28 years of age, which is rather dumb I think. She used the money she borrowed to pay for a divorce lawyer so she could buy a plane ticket to the Idol auditions.  Three kids at home and looking for the big break.....and she gets the judges votes, but I don't think she's very good at all, and I highly doubt she makes it through HWW.
  • Linda Williams, 24, League City, TX......Steven and Randy vote her through, mainly because of her rather skimpy outfit, it certainly could NOT have been because of her voice! J-Lo was right, she was 'awful' and won't last past day 1 in Hollywood.
  •  Cortez Shaw, 20, Garland, TX......sings Adele's “Someone Like You.”....bad song choice and very porrly done, but he gets voted thru. I swear the judges are softer, kinder and more gentle than ever, which really scares me! This guy won't last ling in Hollywood.
  • Ramiro Garcia, 28, Houston, TX......last TX contestant, with a powerful and touching back story here. Ramiro was born without ears. His parents were told he would never hear or talk, but after numerous surgeries since the age of 4, here he is, on Idol singing “Amazing Grace, not great, but not bad either. The judges are all moved and all three say yes, and Ramiro's dad weeps out in the hallway with Ryan and Ramiro's family after he gets his Golden Ticket . Hope this kid does well in Hollywood and goes far, he's got my vote of support for having the drive and courage to overcome the disability that he's had since birth. You go Ramiro! :-) that's the wrap from Texas, and thank goodness for Baylie Brown and Ramiro, otherwise I might have just skipped writing anything at all about the Lone Star State audition. Only 3 more stops left for auditions before Hollywood Week starts, and next up for Idol is the 'City of Roses', Portland, OR. Let's hope for some better talent in the Pacfic Northwest!

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  1. I agree about Ramiro -- here's hoping he delivers in Hollywood!