Thursday, February 2, 2012


FINALLY!! After several 'boring' auditions of weak talent at best, we finally got to see some talented contestants in Idol's Season 11, Audition #6 from Portland, OR....YEAH! :-) In all, there were 45 Golden Tickets handed out, and of those that we got to see perform, here's my thoughts on some of the BEST talent so far in Season 11.......
  • Brittany Zika, 21, Portland, OR......nerdy looking girl with BIG glasses who I thought for sure would be a train wreck, but she sings very well and as odd as she may be, think she's pretty talented, but not good enough for the TOP 24!
  • Jermaine Jones, 24, Pine Hill, NJ.....grew up singing in church with his mom, a BIG boy, 6' 8" tall, the 'Gentle Giant' as J-Lo nicknamed him. Has a lisp that isn't noticeable when he sings, and he gets a ticket, but I don't think he'll last long in Hollywood Week (HWW)
Britnee Kellogg, 27, Vancouver, WA..........good looking girl with two young kids and a great family supporting her....she cries to begin her audition because she was dumped by her ex who wanted to pursue a career in basketball and chase other women....she dedicates "You're No Good" for him and sings it VERY well. Ths girl has a great voice and is one to keep an eye on in Hollywood! Best female voice I've heard yet in the competition, possibly TOP 24 worthy?
  • Romeo Diahn, 22, Portland, OR......grew up in Liberia until his father & the family immigrated to the U.S. for a better lifestyle......not worthy of a ticket to Hollywood, but he gets one anyway...he has NO chance to advance past HWW and will quickly be gone.
  • Naomi Gillies, 22, Boston MA.....auditions with an Aerosmith song, “Cryin'”, and she's sings it really well! This girl has the 'IT' factor, & may be better than Britnee Kellogg....she's very talented, and I think has a great shot at the TOP 24, so watch her closely in Hollywood! 
  • Jessica Phillips, 25, Brooklyn, NY.....last contestant, a tear-jerker segment.....Idol has her tell her story of  how her boyfriend of five years (they met through music) suffered a major stroke, woke up after a month long stay in the hospital and didn’t know who she was....she is now his caretaker....she's got an OK voice, and I wish her well, but she's nowhere near the other talented gals from Portland, and I doubt she makes it thru HWW
  • OK, so......that's a wrap from Portland, OR where the girls definitely stole the show for sure!'s on to the LAST of the 7 Auditions as Idol heads to the 'Gateway to the West', St. Louis, MO. We'll also get to see some pre-Super Bowl Madonna as Idol will unveil her new video tonight for "Give Me All Your Luvin'". Until the last audition ends, Eddie Idol is......OUT!

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