Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OK....so....even though I 'leaked' the Season 11 TOP 24 'Spoiler List' over a week ago, the 'official' TOP 24 will be unveiled this week on Idol. After cutting the field to 70 on last Wednesday's episode, Idol then took the remaining contestants to the Aria in Las Vegas and had them sing material from the '50s and early '60s. By the end of the night, we got a good look at many of the 42 singers who remained at the end of the experience. Those 42, which is really supposed to be the 'TOP 40', will compete this week with the TOP 24 chosen (FINALLY!) and announced on both Wednesday (2 hours, from 8-10pm) and Thursday night's (1 hour, 8-9pm) episodes.
Some additional thoughts and comments from last week's elimination shows, for those remaining in the TOP 40 (OK....42!) that will make up this year's TOP 24.......first, the Guys.....
  • Joshua Ledet.....pretty solid rendition of 'Jar of Hearts', not an easy song at all for a guy to do.....I was impressed to say the least!
  • Colton Dixon.....maybe it's the kids hair, but there's just something about this kid that's dark and scary for me.
  • Phillip Phillips.....definitely the most unique and intriguing voice, and the teeny-bopper girls will vote enough to keep him in until the Top 8 or 10, but that's it.
  • Creighton Fraker.....he's pretty good, but not good enough to win it and not a front-runner for the guys
  • Reed Grimm.....the 'Casey-Abrams wanna-be'.....and I coined that BEFORE Randy did....you'll either love him or hate him....he's quirky and cool all at the same time....he'll go far if he calms down the personality a bit and acts more mature.
  • Adam Brock....self described as 'White Chocolate'....this guy can sing! He did a crazy good rendition of 'Georgia On My Mind'......and i Vegas, played piano and sang lead for his group with 'Great Balls of Fire'....I hope he goes far, and I think he will.
  • Deandre Brackensick.....first time I heard this kid was in Vegas.....'Hairboy' is a cool singer with an icredible falsetto that had the judges shaking their heads. He'll go far!
  • Chase Likens.....can't forget this kid from Point Pleasant, WV....he certainly was impressive in Vegas, nice range and melody, and has a shot to go deep in the competition as well.
And as for the Gals side of things.......
  • Jen Hirsh.....found out that she works for a winery in CA, so it's no wonder I like her! She has pone of the best voices on the ladies side, and will be a threat to go deep in the competition.
  • Shannon Magrane.....dare I say this, but she reminds me of a young Katherine McPhee! This girl just turned 16, but carries herself in a way more mature manner than that, and has a great voice. She'll go deep!
  • Skylar Laine......a young Reba McIntyre wanna-be....sings rather sassy and is probably better at this stage of the competition than Laren Alaina was last year, so who knows, she could go far, but my bet is she bows out early.
  • Haley Johnson......I still haven't seen or heard enough of her, other than what is on YouTube, so I'll reserve any critical judgement here....what I have seen shows that she is very talented and could surprise.
  • Elise Testone....from what I've seen, I don't think she's got the 'wow' factor to hang in very long with the other ladies, she's just not that strong vocally.
  • Jessica Sanchez.......very impressed with what I've heard from her, and it's amazing as small as she is that she sings with such a big voice. She'll go deep in the competition.
  • Hallie Day......saved the BEST for last here.....I think she's the one to beat on the ladies side of things, and she's my top choice so far from all I've seen and heard.
I'm sure I'll have more comments on some of these folks and others that make up the TOP 24 after the next few nights and before the Season 11 LIVE shows start up in March, so stay tuned for more Eddie Idol updates coming soon!

Lastly....in other BIG Idol Alumni News.............
Adam Lambert with Queen
Adam Lambert will front the band Queen at England's Sonisphere Festival on July 7.
Queen will headline the second day of Sonisphere. The festival takes place at Knebworth Park, the site of the band's final concert with lead singer Freddie Mercury in 1986.
Adam sang We Are the Champions with Queen during the 2009 American Idol finale and also performed with the band last year at the MTV Europe Awards. This should be an awesome show!


    1. Go Glambert!!
      So, still not too excited about this season? I flounced a couple weeks ago -- didn't even finish watching the auditions. Too many 'like' shows on TV at once and The Voice is doing it better. Oh well, AI has made a ton of dough, maybe it's time for a new favorite! Let's not forget that Howard Stern is taking the helm over at AGT this summer -- now there's something to look forward to!

    2. Hopefully the excitement picks up next week Kimmy with the LIVE shows, and we get to see who the TOP talent really is this year! Maybe I'll be more surprised then, but so far the field looks week, esp. for the guys!
      Agreed that I think AI has had it's run and is getting old in style, with too much drama and nonsense going on other than just the performances. The VOICE is doing a much better job than AI at that right now.
      What is Howard Stern going to be doing? America's Got Talent? In what capacity?