Monday, February 27, 2012


Last week Idol unveiled the 'Official' TOP 24, which matched my TOP 24 spoiler list sent out two weeks ago, and there was ONLY one added surprise....the judges felt compelled to adding a 13th guy to the competition. So, we'll really have a TOP 25! It will be announced tomorrow night as the 13 Boys Semifinalists perform, and it will be one of these 4 guys that get added: Jermaine Jones, Richie Lawson, David Leathers Jr. or Johnny Keyser. My bet.....Jermaine Jones......just because his exit was so emotional. For the love of God, please Idol, do not let it be Richie Lawson, I can't take one more performance from him and then have to listen to his moth and all that arrogance.

Are you ready for three straight nights and 6 hours of Idol on FOX this week? Get those DVR's set! On Tuesday, the TOP 13 Boys Semifinalists perform from 8-10PM......On Wednesday, the TOP 12 Girl Semifinalists perform from 8-10pm.....and on Thursday, the results are in and the TOP 12 Finalists are announced! Song selection is going to be VERY important, as the singers will have ONLY one chance to connect with a song and make that song connect with the home audience. If they succeed, they'll hopefully make the final TOP 12. If they fail, they'll be going home....a one and done performance opportunity, so lots of pressure. There will also be a 'Wild Card' round with each judge selecting their 'Wild Card' choices, adding to the TOP 12 Finalists. More to come on that and much more as I'll be blogging each of the next few days until we get the stay tuned for a fun and exciting week on IDOL!

In other Idol Alumni news........
Haley Reinhart performed her new single, Free, during a live performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood last week. She sounds great! The American Idol Season 10 finalist's performance was part of a showcase for Los Angeles radio station KBIG-FM. Free is set for a March release.

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