Thursday, January 26, 2012


Idol took us to the Rocky Mountains on Wednesday night, and while the beauty of nature and the surrounding area was breathtaking, there were very few contestants worthy of taking our breath away with outstanding performances. Maybe it's just me, but this was another dull show with marginal talent, and so far from what we've seen tells me that this year's Idol will not be filled with a deep talent pool. In all, 31 Golden Tickets were handed out to Hollywood.  Through three episodes so far leading into Aspen, 75 females and 56 males have earned golden tickets.

Following are my thoughts on those that we got to see in Aspen that are Hollywood bound......  
  • Jenni Schick, 24, Sterling, teacher who really just wants to kiss Steven Tyler. She sings Pat Benatar's 'Heartbreaker', quite badly I might add, but gets three yes's and a Golden Ticket....and a 'wet' kiss from Tyler....this girl has ZERO chance of making it past Hollywood.
  • Curtis Gray, 28, Spring Hill, FL......part of a 5-piece band that he's been in for 5 years now....plays keyboards & does vocals in the band....OK voice, nothing great here
  • Richie Law, 19, Centennial, CO......the new 'deep voice' Scotty McCreery wanna be.....OK, gotta' have a Country boy in from out west, just not sure how far this guy goes, but then again, I said the same thing about Scotty last year too!
  • Devan Jones, 26, Aurora, CO........ short time for his audition on screen, but this guy has the best voice so far in Aspen, very natural....and maybe one of the best so far in the competition....I think this guy is one to keep an eye on!
  • Haley Smith, 18, Orem, UT.....a vegetarian who lives in a log cabin and loves nature....sings "Tell Me Something Good"........she's a bit out there and I think she's smoking something good!....but she is different, almost hippie-like...will be interesting to see her interact in Hollywood and if she can make it thru Hollywood Week. 
  • Shelby Tweten, 17, North Mankato, MN.....diagnosed in March 2011 as bipolar, & has struggled with depression for several years....says singing and Idol has given her a reason to stay strong and on her meds.....tough luck story of the night, but the girl has potential, just not sure she's refined enough to go very far.
  • Jairon Jackson, 19, Denver, CO.....writes music and sang a song he's pretty good, and the guy can of the best so far, he's just very un-coordinated when he's not singing. Keep an eye on this guy in Holywood though!
  •  Angie Zeiderman, 25, Delray Beach, FL..........glitter queen who idolizes Lady Gaga....thought she'd be one of the wierdo's for sure.....sings something about “showing guys your birthday suit”....then sings “Blue Bayou”.....WOW....that was pretty darn good! Agree w/Steven’s description, “a little spit-fire”....not sure Idol is ready for her but hey, she's gonna' bring a new look and energy to Idol.....and I think she's gonna' surprise some folks.
  • The auditions close in Aspen with 'Magic Cyclops', a crazy contestant from Davenport, IA who talks like a Brit....sings Neil Diamond and Jimmy Buffet, and is just way out there beyond belief. You can guarantee he'll be back for the Idol finale' as one of the Season 11 crazies!
    The next Idol stop is the Lone Star State, in Galveston, TX, so let's hope it's a better audition with way more talent than we've seen the last two shows. Eddie Idol is.....OUT!


  1. Hey Eddie!! I couldn't agree with you more on the lackluster talent this season. Where's the ringer? Srsly -- there hasn't really been one knock-your-sox off audition so far. I'm still lovin' that little Michael Jackson that kicked off the season -- there hasn't been anyone else to distract me yet.
    Agreed on Jenni Schick's rendition of Heartbreaker -- really, that gets a Golden Ticket? Willy Wonka would NOT approve!
    Can't wait to read what you think of the kid born w/o ears from the Lakewood Church -- yeah, I teared up. Damn You AI and your sob stories! The kid's crying father got to me.
    WWJOD -- What Would Joel Osteen Do?

  2. Just watched the Galveston, TX audition that I DVR'd on Sunday, worst audition yet!! IDOL is really getting bad. The kid w/o ears story was touching, and he was probably the BEST of what we all got to see from this audition.
    But seriously, 54 Golden Tix in Galveston and we saw most of the goonies, and of the ones that were shown on screen, many were marginally good at best!! Pathetic!! :-(