Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's 'American Idol' time!

Season 11 premiere is tonight at 8PM, don't miss it!

Talk a look at this link to get caught up on the projected TV and IDOL event schedule through early March.

Some more IDOL Chatter and tidbits on past IDOL performers:
  • Scotty McCreery's doing just fine thank you....his platinum Clear as Day debut album sits at No. 34, having sold a total of 879,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. He's also currently touring as the opening act with Brad Paisley, pretty great company there!
  • Haley Reinhart will release her first single March 1st, looking forward to hearing that one.
  • Chris Daughtry is not dead, despite a recent online hoax to the contrary. His band has announced the first leg of its new 'Break The Spell Tour' starting in Buffalo on march 20th.
  • Katharine McPhee has a new lead actress role in Smash, and I can hardly wait to see it! The new musical drama premieres on NBC on Monday Feb. 6, the day after the Super Bowl, but you can already download the pilot for free on iTunes. It's also available via Comcast Xfinity On Demand. How she ever lost to Taylor 'Grey Hair' Hicks in Season 5 still baffles me beyond belief!
  • Casey Abrams just signed a new record deal with Concord Records, and in true Casey style, he's singing about it too, check it out here....
  • And last but not least.....David Cook is doing well and I went to see him perform last month at Crocodile Rock Cafe' in Allentown, PA....a very cool show, just a crappy, run-down venue that needs upgraded. Here's one of the photos of him performing that night.....
 OK.....that's all for now from Eddie Idol.....I'll be posting a few updates after the auditions over the next two stay tuned!

Cheers, EI


  1. Nice round-up on former Idols, Eddie!! I KNOW you'll be tuning in for Smash -- KM is your girl, after all! I admit, I'm curious -- I'll be watching as well. Plus, Jack Davenport, who plays the 'director', is a fave of mine. Cheers!

  2. Can't wait to see and hear McPhee in SMASH. She looked good on the carpet of the Golden Globes!

  3. McPhee last in Season 5's final because of Karma. She should have been voted off in the Final Four after a dreadful performance that week. As you may recall she was in the bottom two that week; only the surprise of Daughtry going home saved her.

    The finals should have been Daughtry vs Elliot Yamin. So it wasn't about Kat getting ripped off; it was about those two getting robbed.

  4. Orange Ray is back and digging daggers into Eddie's back, knowing my passion for McPhee. Agreed on Daughtry that year, he should have been in the final....against McPhee!....but NOT Yamin. No way, no how. Watch her in SMASH Ray! You'll love it.