Monday, January 23, 2012


Idol auditions were held on the USS Midway in San Diego Bay
Just what was FOX thinking putting the IDOL auditions AFTER a late NFC Championship game Sunday night? Very odd time slot indeed, and you have to wonder just how many folks stayed up to watch the show, which started at 10:58 EST, esp. anywhere in the country other than the West Coast Idol audience.
But after watching one of the DULLEST auditions ever it made sense that Idol was trying to hide this one and stick it in a crappy time slot. The most exciting part of the whole show was that the auditions were held on the USS Midway, but that backfired on FOX quickly as well, as there was way too much background noise from boats on the bay, planes overhead from the local airport, and cruise ships. What a train wreck!
Supposedly, there must have been quite a bit of talent in San Diego, as 53 Golden Tickets were handed out.....SAY WHAT?? REALLY?? Well.....watching the show one would never have guessed that, as those of us who did stay awake witnessed ONLY 7 contestants auditions good enough to be sent through to Hollywood.
Thoughts on those that are headed to Hollywood Week.........
  •  Ashley Robles, 26, San Diego, CA......young mom with a 5-year old who holds as many as 4 jobs to make ends meet....pretty girl with a great voice, probably the best of those that we actually perform. Best bet to make it through Hollywood Week. 
  • Jayrah Gibson, 26, Long Beach, CA......says he's an R&B/pop artist, and has just tons of energy, enough to power the USS Midway out to sea....but this guy is just all over the place. He won't make it through Hollywood Week.
  • Aubree Dieckmeyer, 20, San Clemente, CA.....very cute and all, but a bit too 'cutesy' with too many fake smiles and head nods....she's be better off toning it down a bit. Don't think her voice was very strong at all, so I doubt we see her past Hollywood.
  • Alexis 'Ali' Shields, 19, Lodi, CA.....appeared on Ellen because she wrote a song about how much she wanted to meet Ellen....then was sent by Ellen to the American Music Awards interview celebrities.....she does a rap version of something silly and sings a song I never heard.....and not very well either.... I think the judges were way off on this one, this girl won't last long in Hollywood at all!
  • Kyle Crews, 19, San Diego, frat guy from California Berkeley who serenades the girls at frat parties......surprisingly good voice though, and Steven Tyler goes as far as to say “the best male voice we’ve heard so far in the auditions”.....I might just have to agree with him here! 
  • Jane Carrey, 24, Los Angeles, CA.....daughter of actor Jim Carrey.... has an OK voice, nothing special here.......but she's off to Hollywood, no surprise, but doubtful she gets past Hollywood Week.
  • Jason Hamlin, 24, Livermore, CA........goes by the name of 'Wolf' as he looks like Wolfman Jack.... also plays a guitar (calls it a 'git-fiddle') hand built by his dad, who died in February surprise he's singing 'Midnight Special', and he's OK, nothing great....Steven wants to hear a second song and the judges let him play his guitar (NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS BY THE WAY IN AUDITIONS!) and he sings 'Folsom Prison Blues', which he does with much more energy and pretty creatively. Watch out for.......Werewolves in Hollywood!
This audition show could not end soon enough, so let's all hope for a much better show on Wednesday night. It'll be another 1-hour audition show at 8PM on FOX, with higher altitudes and less noise from Aspen, CO. Until Wednesday night, Eddie Idol is.......OUT!


  1. Yep, I missed this episode -- totally forgot about it. I guess that's what Fox was counting on. If it was as dull as you said, Fox decided to 'bury' it after the NFC Championshp, figuring those still tuned in would be busy discussing the game or too drunk to care. I'll be watching tonight!

  2. It was bad....but tonight was not much better, at least of those that showed on TV from Aspen.....still waiting to be wowed be somebody!