Thursday, January 19, 2012


Savannah, GA kicked off Season 11 for American Idol in grand, southern style last night, as 42 folks got their golden tickets to Hollywood. Unfortunately, as I've compained about so often in the past, we only got to see and hear 14 of those on TV last night, a paltry 25%! :-( It always bothers me that we get to Hollwood week and don't know half the folks that are even there, some never seen or heard until they are being talked about for the Top 24. Oh well.....of those that were seen, these folks stood out for me last night:
  • Gabrielle Nicole Carrubba, 16 years old from North Haven, CT.....goes by 'Gabi'...champion tap dancer....also performed in a Broadway production of “Annie” at Madison Square Garden....she won the American Idol Experience at Disney in 2009 when she was only her....she's got TOP 24 written all over her!
  • Shannon Magrane, 15 years old from Tampa, FL.....6' tall, and a member of her HS volleyball team....very talented, this girl is poised to go far...she auditioned with her entire family on stage, including her dad, former Major League pitcher Joe Magrane...he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1987 through 1993, helping the team to the World Series as a rookie, leading the National League in ERA in 1988, and compiling an 18-9 record in 1989, his best season.....Shannon has performed the national anthem at Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, several times.. take a listen here
  • Amy Brumfield, 24 years old, Gatlinburg, TN......'Tent Girl'.....lives in the woods in a tent with her boyfriend in TN....tough luck story here but she's upbeat and positive about it.... showed up in a pretty black dress and wearing jewelry provided by her boyfriend’s mom....she may not go very far, but give her credit, she's got some serious spirit!d
  • Stephanie Renae, 15 years old, Orange Park, FL.....idolizes Carrie Underwood and did one of her songs in the audition.....sang very 'nasally' and I have to agree with Big Dog Randy on this one, this girl's not ready and will be eaten alive in Hollywood.
  • Brittany Kerr, 24 years old, Charlotte, NC......NBA cheerleader for the Charlotte Bobcats and her dream is to be a singer.....J-Lo was threatened very quickly by her and said NO, but Steven and Randy were mesmerized by her audition and sent her through....she may not get very far in the competition, but as long as she is in, she's some serious eye candy for the Idol male audience!
  • Phillip Phillips, Jr., 20 years old, Leesburg, GA....gotta' love the name....he works in his dad’s pawn is 'super proud'.....he sang“Superstition” for the judges......his 'own' version....then picked up the guitar to sing MJ's “Thriller”.......kid is very talented and a lock for the TOP 24....his primary musical influence is Dave Matthews, and plays in two male voice that was given air time in Savannah. Watch this kid! 
OK.....that's it from last night's auditions, there were certainly others that performed, both good and very badly, but the ones I listed really stood out for me. 

Tonight, it's auditions from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA, the CITY OF CHAMPIONS and home of Heinz Ketchup and a variety of great ethnic foods. I'm really excited to see what talent shows up there, esp. any folks from neighboring states, WV in particular.
PS--Watch out for some flying WVU logos tonight, saw one last night on the tease for tonight's show!
Until the Steel City auditions are over, Eddie Idol is OUT! 


  1. Eddie -- what?!? No love for Little Michael Jackson?? I admit, I teared up a bit when he sang. Anyway, wanted to say great to have you back for another season! It wouldn't be American Idol w/o you!

  2. Thanks Kimmy! :-) Appreciate the post and support.