Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IDOL TOP 5 Theme: Now and Then

American Idol has revealed that this weeks show theme will be 'Now and Then'. The TOP 5 contestants will tackle one 'current' song and one track from the 1960's on the Wednesday performance show, which will be yet another 90-minute show from 8-9:30 PM on FOX.
This week's Thursday results show (8-9 PM) will see performances from Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, who will take to the stage with Pitbull for their track 'On The Floor', and also a performance from country super group Lady Antebellum.

1 comment:

  1. Last night's show was fantastic! 7 outstanding performances out of 10. Assuming no big surprises tonight, it is almost certain that Jacob Lusk will be going home tonight. He had to be trailing going into last night, and he did nothing to improve his positioning.

    Both James and Scotty solidified their top two status, but the gals, Haley and Lauren made some big improvements last night, and may have narrowed that gap.

    I thought James' version of Without You, one of my favorite songs, was going to tear the house down. He started off perfect... but in my opinion, with his emotions taking over him, he was not able to deliver during the climatic portions of the song. He was good at that point... not great.

    Scotty had two outstanding performances, something to rock the house (as a country boy) and something to connect.

    James and Scotty are applies and orange; comparing the two is really pointless and arguing who is better doesn't get you anywhere... both can record right now. I suspect Scotty has a bigger fan base right now, so he's my favorite to win it.

    I get amazed that Lauren is only 15, and Haley and Scotty are only 17. In past seasons, the teenagers do well early in the competition but tend to fold as the competition gets tougher, and they have to connect with the audience (David Archuletta being the exception).

    Outstanding show.