Friday, May 20, 2011


The girl with the growl is gone......and yet again, America fails to realize what true talent on the Idol stage is all about!

Gone is the the most fun, fearless, creative, aggressive, sassy and sexy contestant that Idol had on the stage all season, and now....sadly.....we get the boring battle of the C+W singing teens for the finale. Scotty "Turn Them Lights Down Low" McCreery against Lauren "Wanna' See Me Giggle" Alaina....truly can't remember an Idol  finale this boring and uninteresting. And it shouldn't even be close next week.....Scotty The Body should win in landslide fashion.

Scotty played it extremely safe down the stretch and sang a bunch of boring ballads, much to the liking of the judges. Golden Girl Lauren, aside from a shining moment now and then during a song over the last few weeks, never really took the risks or was creative in her song choices to make them current, yet received little criticism. Neither of the two finalists brings to the stage the ballsy and at times obscure, but well performed, song choices that Haley did.....yet at times she was crticized by the judges for doing so. 

You'll be sorely missed on the Idol stage next Tuesday night's be a very boring finale without you.

With that said, Eddie Idol leaves you until next week with a link to Haley's last stunning performance of Led Zeppelin's "What Is and What Should Never Be"..... and a few others that she absolutely blew the competition and the judges away with....then you tell me who should and shouldn't be in the finale!

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