Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The youngest Finale Matchup EVER on Idol......Live from the Nokia Theatre in downtown LA.....all the makings for what should have been a fun and memorable night for Idol's Season 10.....but that never happened. I knew it could be a bad Idol Finale last night…..just not nearly as bad as it turned out! From the very start of the show, which Idol tried to add suspense to by saying that Lauren was very sick, having damaged her vocal cords, to the rushed feeling the show had all evening thanks to hurried host Ryan Seacrest, it's safe to say it was the worst ever finale hosted by FOX!

Each contestant sang three songs: the 1st one their favorite one from the season that they already had performed, the 2nd the Celebrity's Choice, and the 3rd their 1st debut single arranged by Jimmy Iovine.

ROUND 1: Contestants Favorite Song Choices

Scotty McCreery- won the coin-toss and decided to sing first, singing "Gone", which he performs not nearly as well as he did several weeks ago on the Idol stage. It was off key and just OK for me. GRADE- B- 
Lauren Alaina- Chooses to sing "Flat On The Floor"....say what? I thought her vocal cords were damaged?? Ballsy, intense song choice to try and perform with her throat all busted up, so I'll giver her credit for that much. But, just like the 1st time she sang it,  it wasn't a very good performance. GRADE B- for effort


ROUND 2: Celebrity Song Choices
Scotty McCreery- George Strait chooses Scotty's song, one of his own hits "Check Yes Or No".....and being a George Strait fan and knowing this song, Scotty struggled with it from start to finish. Not very good for Scotty at all, I really thought he'd do MUCH better with this song GRADE- C 
Lauren Alaina- Carrie Underwood chooses a Pam Tillis hit for Lauren, "Maybe It Was Memphis"....again, I have this Pam Tillis CD from years ago (YES.....I do like some country music!) and love Pam Tillis, saw her in concert twice singing this song. Just like Scotty, Lauren struggled with this all the way through, and it was not a good performance, didn't do the song any justice at all. Somewhere Pam Tillis was holding her head in her hands. GRADE C-

*****ROUND 2 WINNER: Scotty, by a vocal cord!

ROUND 3: Debut Single Songs Performed

Scotty McCreery- Sings for the 1st time ever, "I Love You This Big"....great song put together by
Jimmy Iovine for Scotty, right down to the words, and he performed it well. Easily the best of the night for him so far, GRADE- B+ 
Lauren Alaina- Sings her debut single, "Like My Mother Does"......kudos again to Jimmy Iovine for a great song put together here for Lauren. Very appropriate given her strong relationship with her mother. She performed and sang it quite well, best performance of the night for sure. GRADE A- 

****ROUND 3 WINNER: Lauren, hands down!

If not for the 3rd round where they performed their 1st single, which again were both great arrangements thanks to Jimmy Iovine, the show was a huge disappointment for me. It lacked any flow and spark that a Finale should have, and has had with past seasons on Idol, with exciting and well performed Finale's on FOX.

So....with all that said....this is Scotty's title to LOSE.......but don’t be shocked tonight if it goes Lauren’s way. The judges certainly showered love and praise on their little Golden Girl with the ‘supposedly’ broken vocal cords, so much so they basically declared her the winner last night! YIKES! Will it be enough to have possibly swayed the voters and carry her to the Season 10 title? Does one night and a 3-set performance, with really only one really good song performed, overshadow a whole season of consistently solid performances by Scotty? It certainly should not! You know she'll surely get some 'sympathy votes' for being ill and still performing as well as she did, so, YES, it could that was VERY painful....and makes me a bit ill....but with America in charge and all the shocking results we've witnessed so far this year, 'ya just never know! As OrangeRay says, anyone can win it, right?
But.....if it happens that way tonight.....Eddie Idol will go on record saying that she'll be the MOST undeserving Idol Winner since Taylor Hicks..... 'Nuff said!

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