Thursday, May 12, 2011


The surprising news last night is that TOP 4 did get to sing two songs, but both of them didn't have to be from the 'old' Leiber & Stoller Songbook. The first song was a song choice that inspire each Idol contestant, and the 2nd one from Leiber & Stoller. Whew.....good move on Idol's part! At stake is a spot in the TOP 3, and also what has become an Idol tradition, the final three will be treated to a visit home this weekend, which will include a parade and a mini-concert in front of thousands of Idol fanatical fans.
So......who stepped up last night and, as the Big Dog says, is really 'IN IT TO WIN IT'? Dim the lights, here we go.....
  •  JAMES DURBIN- James stole the show last night! Hands down, it's his title to lose. His first song was the popular Jorney song, "Don't Stop Believin", which he did very well on, making Randy smile like a Cheshire cat! :-) But, the 2nd song, "Love Potion #9", which I absolutely love by the way, was performed incredibly well. James took a very old song and made it current, something that could easily be a hit on the radio today! AWESOME! TOP 3! James' OVERALL GRADE- A 
  • HALEY REINHART- Once again Haley pulled off a Jekyl/Hyde performance. First song "The Earth Song", I'll chalk up to just a poor and obscure song choice, but she sang it with much inspiration and passion, and did NOT deserve the judges wrath, who always only seem to want to pick on her. WTA? Anyway, the 2nd song was pure MAGIC! She sang and performed "I Who Have Nothing" to perfection! One of the BEST performances on the Idol stage all season! But....will it be enough to garner all the love and  America's votes to escape being sent home tonight? I sure hope so! Haley's OVERALL GRADE- B+
  • SCOTTY McCREERY- Great song choice on his first song, "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning", esp in light of the resent Bin Laden killing. It was a tear jerker and pulled at the heart, smart choice by him. His 2nd song was "Young Blood" by the Coasters, and was just a bit too corny for me with too much theatrics and not enough substance. TOP 3! OVERALL GRADE-B
  • LAUREN ALAINA- Thought her first song "Anyway" by Martina McBride was a great choice, personally I love the song and have it on my ipod, but she's no Martina. She pulled back on all the big notes and it was not nearly as good as the judges gave her credit for, no way. Her 2nd song, Elvis Presley's "Trouble", started out great, then went quickly rolling off the tracks, as she ran out of steam and her breath by the end of the song. Not the way she wanted to close on her last song at all, which is why I think she's GOING  HOME tonight. OVERALL GRADE- C+

Overall, a very entertaining show last night, even Lady Gaga was far better as a mentor than I expected!

But tonight, make NO mistake about it, it's ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS! Scotty and James are safe, and should not be in ANY danger of going home's a simple choice on the ladies.....HALEY or LAUREN? So who's it gonna' be America? I say it should be Lauren going home, but I won't be shocked if it's Haley. After all, this is the week we lost Daughtry several Idol seasons ago, and look how popular he is today.  

Performing tonight on the Idol Stage will be Season 6 Idol Winner Jordin Sparks. She left Idol as the season six champ, at age 17, the youngest winner ever on the show.
She’s 21 now and about to release a new single, a dance anthem called “I am Woman.”

Steven Tyler will also be debuting his new video Thursday on American Idol for the new solo single, "“(It) Feels So Good”.

Should be a very exciting and interesting night on Idol! Who do YOU think should be going home tonight? Let everyone know your pick! 
More from Eddie Idol later tonight.....AFTER THE VOTES!!

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