Thursday, May 5, 2011

IDOL TOP 5 SIMPLE GRADES- A thru F....and Who Goes HOME!

My sincere apologies for the VERY late post here after Wednesdays TOP 5 Idol show,'s rather ELEMENTARY. You know, when in grade school, at least when I was, it was A, B, C, D or F.....and since there are 5 contestants left, let's grade them simply that way and see who grabs each grade from last night's 'Now and Then' performances on FOX.
Dim the lights, this will be quick and rather painless, at least for some......
  • A -Haley Reinhart-Screw the judges on her first unreleased Lady Gaga song "You and I" was risky, it was creative, it was what Idol is supposed to be about when you get this far!!!! I thought it was well done! And here finale spot son by the Animals, "House of The Rising Sun" word....WOW!!! Again, very creative and not karaoke like so many others. Best so far this season on the IDOL stage. BEST of the night performer in my opinion all the way around! She's grown more than any other contestant on the stage and deserves the praise. 
  • B- Scotty McCreery-His opening song "Gone" was absolutely superb, and although I wasn't crazy about his 2nd song from Elvis, he was good enough to earn the B grade from me.
  • C- Lauren Alaina- Although I wasn't ewild about either song, she deserves the C grade last night, but seriously, she's no Carrie Underwood and fell way short of her with the song "Flat On The Floor"
  • D- James Durbin- Last night was NOT a good night at all for James.....very pitchy and all over the place on his first song, and a poor song choice and way too emotion and drama on the 2nd song. He's safe though.....thanks to Jacob! 
  • F- Jacob Lusk- Don't think I've EVER seen two more pitiful performances back to back than what Jacob had last night! Just a freakin' train wreck! I mean, singing both parts of a duet on song #1 from Jordan Sparks and then trying to sing "Love Hurts" on song hurt me to listen to it. Jacob GOES HOME tonight, and if he doesn't......then it'll be the BIGGEST shock ever on Idol, and you can count me out for watching one more minute of it this year, because it'll be a joke if he stays!
So.......there you have it! Those are my A-F grades, and I think the Final 4 should prove VERY interesting the rest of the way! I'll have my new TOP 4 rankings out over the weekend after tonight's votes are in and the results announced. Enjoy the performances by Lady Antebellum and J-Lo on the Idol stage tonight.

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