Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casey Goes Home: Re-Ranking the TOP 5

Casey Abrams stage antics and growls are over! 
So everyone knows that Eddie Idol was never a big fan or believer of Casey Abrams, so if you think I'm crowing here tonight and might say, I told you so....well....I TOLD YOU SO!! The growls and stage antics of Casey are over, as America sent him packing tonight on IDOL. Was I a bit surprised to see Casey go instead of Jacob Lusk? Yes.....but I was not anywhere near as shocked as the night that Pia Toscano was sent home. I said it when Casey was saved that it was a wasted 'judges save', that he'd never make the final 4, and that Pia should have been the one saved, not Casey. So......after weeks of mediocre performances and angry growls, and simply not enough quality singing moments and vocal prowess, he's gone. As Jimmy Lovine said so perfectly, "Casey’s got to learn the family dog doesn’t vote!” Personally, I will NOT miss him, except maybe for the duets with Haley, who he sang to by the way as the show ended.  

As for the show as a whole tonight,  it certainly was an odd results show that seemed to drag on and then have that 'let's hurry to get this show done on time' feel the last 5 minutes.....just hate it when Idol and FOX do that. As Ryan called the contestants in random order to the middle of the stage, the last three standing were Jacob, Scotty and Casey, leading us to believe that these were the 'BOTTOM 3', with Haley, James and Lauren the first three to be told they were safe....THANKS AMERICA for showing some love to Haley, who's stock continues to rise! YEAH!

Speaking of stocks rising and falling, here's my up to the minute ranking of the TOP 5:
    1. James Durbin- I said it last week that his stock was rising and that he surpassed Scotty  by being more daring and creative with his song choice and overall performance. This week, he pulled further away with his amazing rendition of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". He could very well fall back, if he falls into the 'bad song choice' trap, as this is really his only challenge. Jimmy also stressed proper song choice for James the rest of the way. GO JAMES!
    2. Scotty McCreery- Still a solid #2, but surprisingly, he did lose some support this week. Unless he falls apart over the next three weeks, I still believe it should be he and James in the finale.
    3. Haley Reinhart- I'll reiterate what I said last week....her stock is UP, she continues to turn in impressive performances each week, and she's still better vocally with more stage prowess than Lauren Alaina. I don't think she picked the 'best' Carole King song to showcase her talents, but it was still a very solid performance this week, enough for America to start realizing that she's very talented..
    4. Lauren Alaina- I think she's in neutral. She could have easily been in the Bottom 3 the past two weeks, and although she has not been there yet, which is a bit perplexing to me, she's gotta get there soon. Time to step up or step out!
    5. Jacob Lusk- He's had three BOTTOM 3 finishes in a row, and I think his stock is still DOWN, but he's still here, which means he's still receiving the support. Sadly, he and Haley each have more BOTTOM 3 finishes individually than all others left combined!
It was great to see Crystal Bowersox perform again on the Idol stage. She sang “Riding with the Radio” from her debut album, "Farmers Daughter." Great song, very 'Crystal-like' with high energy. Nicely done Crystal! I still think you should have won the Season 9 title.

Finally......don't forget the IDOL LIVE SUMMER TOUR, where the TOP 11 will tour the country, as announced yesterday by IDOL executives. Highlight Friday, May 13th on your calendar, as that’s the day tickets go on sale. Hope that's not a bad luck charm for this group, and the tour is more successful than last year's, which had several stops cancelled because of poor ticket sales. For all the Idol 2011 summer tour stops, you can check out the map here.

OK....that's it for Eddie Idol this week! More next week as we prepare for the TOP 5. Until then, Eddie is.....OUT!

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  1. I think it was about time for Casey to go home, though I thought Jacob should have gone packing first. I would have to disagree with Eddie Idol on Casey; I think he was extremely entertaining to watch, has an extraordinary outgoing personality and oustanding showmanship. He's got great musical talent; not the right type nor style to win American Idol, but enough to justify him being in the competition up to this point. There were some memorable moments with him this year (the J-Lo kiss, the duets with Haley) that made him worthwhile.

    I would not say the judges 'wasted' the pick on him. He provided entertainment for America, and could have won, though a long shot considering who else is competing. I think any contestant who ever gets saved by the judges will be a long shot to win it. The fact that Casey overcame the lack of fan support that week, and made it 5 more weeks in itself is amazing. The same would have been true with Pia; she was never going to generate enough fan support to make it all the way to the finals; if she didn't have it early on with her outstanding performances, she wasn't going to get it at the end.

    As for the bottom three, I think its very presumptious to assume that the last three on the stage were the bottom 3. Ryan Seacrest made it quite clear, repeatedly, last night that those left standing at the end were in 'random order'. It's possible Scotty was in the bottom 3, but I think unlikely. If it truly was the bottom 3, I don't think Ryan would have re-emphasized the point several times.

    Not sure why American Idol decided to go with a random bottom 4 this time around. Perhaps to shake things up and not let America get a sense of how everyone is doing?