Sunday, April 17, 2011

AWOL EDDIE IDOL.....& TOP 8 Grades and Thoughts

My apologies for NO POSTS this past week as I was on the West Coast and not able to catch the live IDOL performances, so all I could do was read some blogs and various posts online and form an opinion of what might happen on Thursday night's results show. So even though it's 'after the fact', I did watch both shows over the weekend on DVR, would like to post my thoughts on what grades I gave all the TOP 8 performances, along with who I thought should have gone home. So here we go.......        

  • Paul McDonald- Sang "Old Time Rock & Roll". Vocally again not strong, but it wasn't lacking energy on the stage. Loved the sax player too! But he would have been in my BOTTOM 3. GRADE- C+....for energy if nothing else!

  • Lauren Alaina- Sang Miley Cyrus' "The Climb". I always have to keep reminding myself that this girl is only 16. And at 16, she's pretty smart! She knows all of Pia's votes are now 'up for grabs', and she's so different than Haley, that she'll likely benefit now that Pia is gone. I was not as crazy about the performance as the judges were, but I knew she'd be safe. GRADE- B-

  • Stefano Langone- Sang "End of the Road" from Boys To Men, and I'll admit I didn't know the song at all. Stefano gave a great performance though, maybe one of his best. Definitely was NOT worthy of the BOTTOM 3. Grade- B+

  • Scottie McReery- Awesome move to switch his song choice and take on "I Cross My Heart" from George Strait. He's a smart kid, stays true to himself, and is a George Strait clone. This was a GREAT performance! He's the one to beat in my opinion right now. Grade- A

  • Casey Abrams- Takes a risk by doing "Nature Boy" from Nat King Cole. I wasn't all that impressed, BUT.....thanks to J-Lo and Randy, I can now finally see this kid cutting a 'jazz-type' album. I would have had him in the BOTTOM 3 in place of Stefano. Grade C+ 

  • Haley Reinhart- Sang "Call Me" from Blondie, a great song choice for her, and she looked stunning, but it wasn't one of her best performances. She probably deserved the BOTTOM 3, but I certainly didn't think she was in any danger of going home. Glad she's still in it, and watch out this next week! Grade- C

  • Jacob Lusk- sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water", recommended by Jimmy, and it was a smart choice for him. It started out rough for me, but he finished very strong. Grade B-

  • James Durbin- Takes yet another BIG risk by performing "Heavy Metal".....much to Jimmy's dislike. But....he worked it out and turned in another really solid performance. I could have gone without the extended guitar solo though. This kid has the confidence and cockiness to win it, scary at times, but so far so good! Grade-B+

  • So when all 53 Million votes were counted, the BOTTOM 3 were Haley, Paul and Stefano. Thankfully Haley was sent to safety on the couch first, which left Paul and Stefano on the hot seats, with Paul being sent home. No surprise, I was actually thinking he could have gone weeks ago, but what a gracious loser and a great attitude, as he sang and pranced the stage singing his farewell J-Lo requested song "Maggie Mae". Nice way to exit Smiley, a class act for sure! 

    Some final Idol thoughts as we head into SUPER 7 week, with the TOP 7 contestants singing 'Songs from the 21st Century', so another very wide spectrum to choose from....... 
    • more Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas as a guest mentor....he's horrible! UGH!
    • If I hear one more 'LOVE' from the judges on a performance, I'll puke! Come on guys, start getting tougher with these contestants, esp. you Steven Tyler!
    • Cut the show to 60 minutes's time!
    • Who ever thought we'd have heavy metal on American Idol? You go JAMES! I LOVE IT! :-)
    • Haley's vocal on "Moaning", the duet with Casey on the results show, was absolutely incredible! If this girl would get some guidance from Jimmy and the boys, she's a star in the making. Jazz it up this week Haley!
    I'll finish by leaving with my TOP 3 as of right now:
    1. Scottie McCreery
    2. James Durbin
    3. Lauren Alaina (Only because she'll probably be the last girl standing, but....Haley's more talented in my humble opinion)
    More from Eddie Idol this week after Wednesday's TOP 7 performances, no west coast this week, I'm back in PA for the rest of IDOL through the May finale. Until then, who's in your TOP 3? Who do you think is the front-runner to win it all? Let Eddie know your thoughts!

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