Thursday, April 7, 2011


Pia Toscano will no longer shine on IDOL 

Just when I thought the only SHOCK of the night was getting a whacked out performance from shirtless, spray-tanned 63-year-old Iggy Pop, who also got bleeped out repeatedly, we were further stunned with one of the most shocking results shows in recent memory on IDOL. And I won't blame America, who too often knows little about true talent......I'll BLAME THE JUDGES!
I said 3 weeks ago that the judges save used on Casey Abrams was a 'wasted save', and that it would come back to haunt them. Last night, it did! We lost the very talented Pia Toscano. Was she the most personable Idol, absolutely not....but could she sing circles around most contestants, esp the guys left in the competition on their best nights? YES!!!! So, yes....I'll blame the judges, because tonight the SAVE would have made perfect sense.
And I'll go one better...I'll blame the judges because they aren't helping America make the hard choices on who the talented folks are and who are just getting by....THEY NEED TO JUDGE, and be far more critical than they have been....MORE TOUGH LOVE GUYS!! This is certainly NOT the finish IDOL expected for the season’s best pure singer.
So with 8 contestants left, we have a 6-2 edge for the guys, with only Haley and Lauren left to represent the ladies. That being said, who's on the RISE and who's on the DECLINE? Certainly the one contestant who should clearly benefit is Haley Reinhart, who seems to be gaining momentum the last few weeks. She's certainly more talented and carries herself better than Lauren Alaina, so most of Pia's votes, unless those who supported and voted for her are just so PO'd they don't care anymore, should swing Haley's way.
As for the guys, Scottie, James and Casey all have their own niche, so they should continue to have strong support over the next few weeks. On the other hand, Jacob, Paul and esp. Stefano should be very worried and be at their very BEST each time they step to the stage if they want to survive. 
I'll end by saying that I believe IDOL will take a big credibility hit after last nights show, and the boos you heard from the crowd and all the criticism at the end of the show from Ryan and the judges was just another black eye for them. And the way things are going the guys way so far, hell.....Constantine Maroulis could win this year's competition!

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  1. I don't know what to say; I never expected Pia to leave before the final 3. As I mentioned before, she doesn't have stage presence or much charisma, and that would have hurt her towards the end because hits dimishes her star power. But her talent alone should've carried her forward.

    I agree the judges have got to step up and start being more critical when warranted, though I don't think the judges' opinions have that much impact on the voting. However, the judges can't be surprised if someone like Pia gets eliminated, when they equally praise all the singers.

    I don't know how you fix the voting. Nobody on the show is actually ever 'voted off'. Nobody votes to eliminate someone; rather people vote to move someone forward, and the person who gets eliminated is the one who failed to get enough votes to continue forward.

    The fact is Pia received less votes than any of the other eight contestants, meaning she did not connect with enough people to get them to want to vote. It is a real shame because the show needs here.

    I don't know if the inclusion of internet voting this year is making a difference or not. It would be interesting. We've already had two shocking vote results early in the competition. Who's to say there won't be a third?

    The other thing AI has never revealed is the weekly vote totals. How has Pia been doing? We've been assuming she's a top contender all year; was she actually always hovering around the lower end, just outside the bottom three? Was this inevitable? Who is the actual top vote getter each week?

    AI doesn't really want to reveal that information, as it would (1) indicate if someone has a monstrous lead and thus made the competition moot and (2) could sway future voting. But I would be interested.

    I do know that if the judges keep legitimizing Paul McDonald, then they have no right to complain when he wins the whole thing. I'm talk to you Randy, Jennifer and Steven.