Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Elise perfroms, Top 6

Last week I finally got it right on who would be sent home, as we said goobye to 28 year-old Elise Testone, the oldest of all the Idol contestants remaining in the competition.

For Elise, as Jimmy Iovine said, and I have to agree with, it was a matter of not picking the right songs, which certainly did her in last week

Next up for the remaining TOP 5 Idols — British Week, which we’ve had various twists on this theme in recent years with  Rolling Stones Week,  Beatles Week and  Lennon-McCartney Songbook Week. But the last time we’ve had a 'British Invasion Week' was back in Season 6, when Blake Lewis took on "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, and did such an awesome rendition it seemed for sure that would be his first single.

So as we head into British Invasion Week and tonight's performances , here are my TOP 5 RANKINGS :
  1. JESSICA SANCHEZ - I still think she's got the best voice and overall talent, plus I think this is the year that a girl takes the title. If she's not in the Finals, then once again, America just doesn't know talent when they see or hear it!
  2. JOSHUA LEDET- He's much better vocally than Phillip Phillips, light years ahead of him in fact, and will have a spot in the Finals in three more weeks.......or my name's not Eddie Idol!
  3. PHILLIP PHILLIPS- He's yet to land in the dreaded Bottom 3, even though the last 3-4 weeks he's been mediocre at best on the stage with his performances. He's got a huge fan base, which will keep him in it until it's a choice between he and Joshua for which guy gets the most votes to get to the finals.
  4. HOLLIE CAVANAUGH- She's survived the 'Bottom 3' a record 4 times, and maybe this is the week her luck runs out, but I still think she is better and stronger vocally than Skylar Laine, and I have her ranked here by the slimmest of margins over Skylar. 
  5. SKYLAR LAINE- I'll give her the edge over Hollie for likability and stage presence, but not vocally, which is why I have her 5th. But I won't be shocked if she's still around for a few more weeks, as I think she has a strong fan base out there with all the C+W folks voting.
What’s your TOP 5 Rankings look like? Who’s your pick for the FINALS and to win it all?
Based on the last few weeks, it will certainly be very interesting to see who lands in the bottom three this week and to see who gets eliminated. More from Eddie Idol after tonight's Idol 'FAB 5' performances on FOX!

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