Thursday, May 10, 2012


AI Season 11, TOP 4....Can Hollie get enough votes to hold off the others?

Last night's IDOL TOP 4 Performances show had a dual theme: 'California Dreamin' (contestants picked songs from artists in CA or songs about CA) and 'Songs You Wish You Wrote' (Songs they love and wish were there own). Here's what they chose to perform:

California Dreamin' (Song Choice #1)
  • Phillip Phillips-Creedence Clearwater Revival's Have You Ever Seen the Rain
  • Jessica Sanchez- Etta James' Steal Away
  • Joshua Ledet- Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up
  • Holli Cavangh- Journey's Faithfully
Songs You Wish You Wrote (Song Choice #2 w/Jimmy Iovine as the sole Mentor)
  • Jessica Sanchez- Jennifer Holliday's And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
  • Hollie Cavanagh- Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me
  • Phillip Phillips- Damien Rice's Volcano
  • Joshua Ledet- James Brown's It's a Man's Man's Man's World
I found it interesting that several songs chosen were done by the TOP 4 of The Voice over the last two weeks....coincidence? I think not! Oh well....based on what went down last night, and with a celebrity-type visit back home coming up on the line for the TOP 3, dim the we go!.......


JESSICA SANCHEZ.......I know I'll get some arguments here from EI followers Pete and possibly Orange Ray as well, but I rated both of her performances slightly better than Joshua's last night, and her final one, the Dreamgirls hit "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" was arguably one of the BEST ever on the Idol stages! WOW!!!! It was an incredible performance and it was based on that exceptional vocal that I give her the edge over Joshua and a spot in the FINALS....OVERALL GRADE: A 


JOSHUA LEDET......I graded him in the A's as well, but I wasn't as blown away with either of his songs as the judges were, mainly because I heard both songs performed, and performed better I might add, by Chris Mann and Juliet Simms on "The Voice" over the last two weeks. Don't get me wrong, Joshua had a great night, and he deserves a spot in the FINALS....OVERALL GRADE: A- 



PHILLIP PHILLIPS.....His rendition of CCR "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" was boring and forgettable, and the choice to do an unknown and abstract song "Volcano" was better, thanks mainly to the backup singer who helped him out big time. But I was not as impressed as the judges were. I'm hoping, for the 3rd straight week by the way, that he gets sent home tonight, and I think he deserves to go home more so than Hollie......but sadly....he has all the millions of teen girls supporting his he's probably safe...OVERALL GRADE: B-

HOLLIE CAVANAGH......Talk about being thrown under the bus!! YIKES! The Judges may have officially sealed Hollie's fate with the lackluster comments after her 2nd song "I Can't Make You Love Me", which I thought was way better than the judges did. The judges obviously showed NO LOVE at all toward her. It'll be a shock if she's in the TOP 3, and if so, it just might be even a bigger shocker that the person who goes home would be someone other than Phillip....could it happen? Hmmmm....we shall see tonight.....OVERALL GRADE: B-


Well, as I already stated, I think the person who SHOULD go home tonight is PHILLIP PHILLIPS, but sadly, the person most likely headed home early, and not the way she was hoping to go back home to TX, is HOLLIE CAVANAGH.....I'd love to be wrong here.....but NOT at the expense of either Jessica or Joshua! If either of them go home tonight, IDOL should just be embarrassed and pull the show off the air after this season!

OK.....that's the wrap-up from Eddie Idol on this week's TOP 4 performances! Let's see what happens after America votes in your 'IDOL TOP 3' tonight on FOX! More from Eddie Idol......after the show!


  1. Right on regarding Jessica and Josh; if they go home, it would be a major upset! It is time for Phillip Phillips to go; I'm not sure why the judges like him so... I get the fact that teen girls think he's a cutie, but validation from the judges is keeping him alive.

    I'd disagree on the best performance of the night, of course. I wasn't impressed with Jessica's 2nd performance; it was really good but not memorable to me. Josh on the other hand was out of this world. Make that 15 Standing Ovations from the Judges this year.

    If Ledette were to go home early, which could happen in the fickle world of American Idol voting, I wouldn't bother finishing out the season. It should be a Josh/Jessica final.

    Hollie shouldn't go home tonight, but she will.

  2. Well, as we both thought Ray, Hollie has gone home...a sad departure too, and no one was more visibly upset than Josh. He and Hollie became quite close throughout the competition, and it showed after she was eliminated.
    Now we have to hope that after next week, America votes off Phillip, and we get an amazing finale with Joshua and Jessica. I'll need your expertise next a BIG way, as I'll be in Potter Cty trout fishing but will most likely see a good bit of the show, but may not see it all or be able to post to the blog, so will need you to be a 'special guest blogger' in my absence if you have the time to post some comments after the TOP 3 Performances. We seem to be in alignment pretty much on who should be in the finals, so I'll trust your opinions next week, and will try and share a thought or two via e-mail or a phone call from the hills and hollows of Potter Cty after the show.