Thursday, May 3, 2012


TOP 5, Season 11, American Idol

Last night the TOP 5 on Idol, with Little Steven  as the mentor, sang two songs each, one from the 60's and one from British hits of the past, leading to some interesting song choices and a variety of performances.  I have no idea how America will vote tonight, but I'll give my thoughts here on who should stay and who should be sent home......dim the lights, here we go....


Hollie Cavanaugh......Rising from the ashes similar to Haley Reinhart did last year, Hollie is back! She had two back-to-back stellar performances last night, leading off the show with 'Tina Turner' like energy and finishing with a slowed down version of "Bleeding Love" that was very well done. She's peaking at the right time, and there's no way she deserves to be in the Bottom 3 tonight, but you never know with the way America votes.....OVERALL GRADE: A


Joshua Ledet.......with yet another standing ovation from the judges on his 2nd song from the Bee Gees that was just outstanding, and an opening Motown song, he's right where he should be at this time, and is light years ahead vocally over his lone male contender in Phillip Phillips. I'll go with the expert opinion of close friend and Idol follower Pete 'R+B' Rosendale, who says, and I quote, "I have not seen an R&B talent like him in my lifetime since Sam Cooke! Yes, he is guilty of over-singing at times... but, let him get with the right producer...and look out!"....gotta' agree with Pete, he's right on with Josh, and knows a thing or two about music.....Joshua is an amazing talent vocally, and in my opinion, is a LOCK for the finals!  ....OVERALL GRADE: A-


Jessica Sanchez......I think she could end up in the 'bottom 3' tonight, but she really sang the Joe Cocker song beautifully, and I think that will save her tonight. She's vocally light years ahead of Skylar, but not that far ahead of Hollie, who is closing the gap the last few weeks! I still think it's Jessica and Josh in the Finals though.........OVERALL GRADE: B+


Skylar Laine......I'm sorry, but I don't get all the hype from the judges on her......she was 'off key' and rushed on the first song by CCR, and even though the 2nd song from Dusty Springfield was more in her wheelhouse, it still wasn't a 'WOW' moment. Based on stage presence and energy, not vocals, she's average at best and I think will be standing on stage with possible elimination tonight......OVERALL GRADE: C+

Phillip Phillips......I know.....I said it last week and I'll say it again.....for being only one of two guys left on the show, and an early front-runner to reach the finals, he had yet another very mediocre night last night....his rendition of "Letter" from the Box Tops was average, and the classic Zombies song "Time of The Season" was poorly done, and nothing about it was special like when Blake Lewis performed it in Season 6...I believe PP is in BIG trouble tonight...OVERALL GRADE: C


I say the bottom two tonight are SKYLAR and PHILLIP......and will NOT be surprised at all when it's 'Mr. Double P', PHILLIP PHILLIPS being sent home packing. People have to start seeing that he is very limited in his range vocally, and is not even close to Joshua, Jessica or Holly in vocal talent. He's another glorified Lee DeWyze.....and that ain't all that great....I'm just sayin'....

OK.....that's the wrap-up from Eddie Idol on this week's TOP 5 performances! Let's see what happens after America votes in your 'IDOL FINAL 4' tonight on FOX! More from Eddie Idol......after the show!


  1. I'm not sure where all the love for Mr. Phillips comes from either. Joshua Ledette is immensley entertaining, and I imagine, with his style, far more appealing live on stage, than on television.

    Ledette will make or break how exciting the final weeks are. If he bows out early, which could happen, I'm not sure the charisma of the others carries the same appeal.

    A Hollie / Jessica finale would be comparing apples to apples; Hollie has improved a lot on the stage the past couple of weeks.

  2. Agreed on PP here Ray, he must be getting all the young girl text votes. I just can't believe he was NOT in the Bottom 2 with Skylar, but was glad to see Skylar go home and not Hollie this week.
    I hope it's a guy/girl final and not Phillip vs. Joshua. I still think it will be Josh vs. Jessica, seems like poor Hollie, no matter how well she sings, just doesn't have the fan base to carry her out of the bottom eash week.