Thursday, March 8, 2012


TOP 13 of Idol, Season 11
Because Eddie Idol’s a bit under the gun with work and projects this week, I’ll keep my usually lengthy recap of the last nights two-hour TOP 13 performances on Idol short and sweet here. Last night was Idol's 400th show, and arguably the BEST show so far this year. It also came with a new and interesting twist announced that is on for tonight's one-hour elimination show on Fox. It's the GALS vs. GUYS, and the lowest vote getter will be announced for both the girls and the guys tonight, then it will be up to the judges, who will then decide which of the two goes home. Eddie likes it! we count down the hours until the TOP 12 is officially announced tonight.....drum roll please and dim the lights, here we go..... 

The BEST performances from last night:
Once again, for the 2nd consecutive week, Jessica Sanchez takes TOP honors! She nailed Whitney's "I Will Always Love You", and got a standing ovation from the judges! WOW! She's without a doubt the front-runner for the ladies so far. Also performing very well last night, and grading out with A's were: Joshua Ledet, Erika Van Pelt, Hollie Cavnaugh and Phillip Phillips.

Should be SAFE for at least another week:
Grading out in the B's last night with solid performances were: Colton Dixon, DeAndre Brackensick, Skylar Laine and Heejun Hun....yes....I said Heejun, who as Randy said, 'wasn't perfect, but very good'. There....I gave him props!

Who's in Trouble tonight?
Grading out in the C's and most likely to end up in the dreaded BOTTOM 2 tonight are, for the Girls....either Elise Testone or Shannon Magrane.....and for the Guys......either Jermaine Jones or Jeremy Rosado....these four should all be worried heading into tonight's single elimination.

Who Goes Home?
If it comes down to either of the girls mentioned, I think the judges save the GIRL and eliminate a guy, and I think that guy will be......Jeremy Rosado.

So….who do you think goes home tonight? Who’s your favorite guys and gals in the TOP 12? More from Eddie Idol on the TOP 12 after tonight's interesting show. As always, stay tuned for more ‘Eddie Idol’ chatter…….after the break!

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