Thursday, March 22, 2012


The IDOL TOP 10 took pages from the Billy Joel Songbook last night, and there were some outstanding performances, but many that were just OK as well. I'm going to be a little tougher than most critics were on the contestants last night because I'm a Billy Joel fanatic, love his music since I was a teen, and have seen him 6 times in concert.

So....who really nailed his songs and who missed out? Who's in the dreaded 'Bottom 3' tonight? And who's going home tonight? Let's get into each performance here, hand out some grades, and go from there.....dim the we go...
  • DeAndre Brackensack....Pulled the dreaded kiss of death opening spot and sang "Only The Good Die Young".....great song, but I knew it before he started, a poor song choice for him. If I was Jimmy Iovine, I'd have suggested "All You Wanna' Do Is Dance" for DeAndre, but...too late! GRADE: C- and in the Bottom 3 tonight
  • Erika Van Pelt......a new hair-do (suggested by Tommy Hilfiger, who by the way became VERY annoying as the 2-hour show wore on!) and a new look, and a great song choice with "NY State of Mind".....she sang it well and didn't over-sing it, and made it her own song....well done! GRADE: B+.....just not sure she'll get enough love from America to be safe tonight, but I truly think she should be!
  • Joshua Ledet....chose to sing "She's Got A Way"......and I think it was way over the top, esp with the choir joining him on stage. He's probably the most talented male vocalist, but last night wasn't his best....GRADE: C+......and wouldn't be shocked if America finds a way to put him in the bottom 3 tonight, but I think he should be safe
  • Skylar Laine.....sand "Shameless"....and as much as I know Billy Joel's music, I also know Garth Brook's music....sorry Skylar, this wasn't Garth Brooks night last night, way too country for me and just not very good vocally...GRADE C-.....and Bottom 3 tonight for me
  • Elise Testone....chose to sing a rather obscure Billy Joel song with "Vienna", which could hurt her, but she really sang it with a flair and style that made it current and made it her own! Thought for sure she would have been behind the piano last night, but, a very solid performance none the less....GRADE: B+.....but will America place her in the 'bottom 3' for the 3rd straight week? I hope not.....she certainly does NOT deserve being there!
  • Phillip I thought he would do, he picked a Billy Joel classic with "Movin' Out" and really made it his own, and 'Phillipized' it! Great job! GRADE: A-
  • Hollie Cavanaugh.......chose to sing a Billy Joel ballad with "Honesty", great song choice for her, but the only problem is, she didn't do it any justice vocally. Odd beginning, hard to understand her lyrics, and certainly not her best performance. And 'oh by the way, Tommy' you did her NO favors in dressing her for the night, horrible look! GRADE- C 
  • Heejun Hun......chose to sing "My Life", a fun song....surprised everyone with his outfit, going from a suit to a wild shirt and danced all over the stage and in the audience....but still wasn't good at all vocally....GRADES: A for effort and FUN, D- for vocals....Bottom 3 tonight!
  • Jessica Sanchez.....sang a rather obscure Billy Joel song from the album "The Stranger" with "Everybody Has a Dream".....worried about the song choice for her, but she absolutely nailed it with great vocals and stage presence! 2nd best of the night! GRADE: A
  •   Colton Dixon......stayed true to himself and chose the 'ultimate' Billy Joel classic with "Piano Man".....only contestant of the night to really also stay true to the Piano' Man's music with a performance that was truly magical.....BEST OF THE far! GRADE: A+
So who's in trouble tonight and should be in the Bottom 3?
Heejun Hun, DeAndre Brackensack and Skylar my opinion anyway....but America always finds a way to screw it up, so don't be at all surprised if either Elise Testone or Erika Van Pelt is here again sitting in a bottom 3 chair for a 3rd straight week!
Who Goes Home? Without a SHOULD be Heejun Hun......but again, America just might be stupid enough to put him thru 'safely' for the 2nd consecutive week! Good Lord I hope not!!

Also on the one hour results show tonight......HALEY REINHART.........singing her first single "Free" off her debut album, so I'm looking forward to seeing my favorite girl from last season's Idol, who finished 3rd in last year's competition.

So….who do you think goes home tonight? Who’s your favorite guy and gal this year? More from Eddie Idol after the TOP 9 are announced after tonight's show. As always, stay tuned for more ‘Eddie Idol’ chatter…….after the show!

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