Tuesday, March 27, 2012


TOP 9 Season 11, American Idol
It's TOP 9 time and this week the music performed by the remaining nine Idol contestants should be more current and a bit more interesting than the past few weeks, as they get to sing songs from their own Idols. Of course, some may have 'idols' that are a bit older than others, like 28 year-old Elise Testone.
Erika Van Pelt Sings for her life on Idol
Speaking of older, we lost that 'other' 28 year-old contestant last week when Erika Van Pelt was sent home, despite being much more talented than Heejun 'The Horrible' Hun and singing " I Believe" pretty well as she sang for her life with the judges save. Seeing Erika get cut and Heejun staying on is yet another reason why at some point, Idol rules simply need to change, and in my opinion, it could start with a pretty simple fix.

Once the TOP 12 or TOP 13 are announced, Idol can continue to have America vote and place three contestants with the lowest number of votes in the dreaded 'Bottom 3' each week. After sending one of the three to safety, let the judges then decide which of the bottom two with the lowest # of votes should be sent home. This would eliminate something like last week from happening with Heejun staying on for yet another dreadful performance this week, while someone much more talented like Erika gets sent packing. Don't think there would be any need for the infamous 'judges save' and a contestant 'singing for their life' to even be a topic of conversation until at least the TOP 5. That's my suggestion anyway, and yes.....it does take it out of America's hands to some extent, but would make for it more fair and equitable for all each week, and avoid advancing less talented contestants to yet another week on the show.

OK......that's all for now. More from Eddie Idol coming soon with grades and critique of the TOP 9 after they perform 'Songs of Their Idols' on a 2-hour show from 8-10 PM tonight on Fox....so stay tuned!

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