Sunday, March 4, 2012


The TOP 13 of American Idol, Season 11
The TOP 13 of American Idol were chosen last week on Idol, and will perform this week for America's votes, but before we look ahead, let's look back for a second and ask a few burning questions.......

Did America get the TOP 10 Right? .....YES......and NO! You didn't think it would be that EZ did you? For the Guys, sorry folks, Heejun Hun should NOT be in the TOP 13, but I'll blame the judges more, because they put him in the TOP 25, and gave America a chance to vote him in....and of course, they were stupid enough to do so! For the Girls, I think the only 'questionable' girl voted in was Skylar Laine, but was not surprised that America voted her in based on her energy and likeable personality.

Did the judges get the 3 Wild-Cards right?......NO.....and again, it's on the GUYS side of things. DeAndre Brackensick should NOT be in the Top 13! He didn't sing well enough for America to vote him in, and the judges should not have given him a 2nd chance. Jeremy Rosado was also a questionable selection, think there were several other girls and guys more deserving of a 2nd chance, more on that later. Erika Van Pelt truly sang for her life and earned her spot, very deserving and a solid choice!

Creighton Fraker in the Semifinals
Who Got Screwed?.......For the guys, no question it's Creighton Fraker, who sang well enough to either be voted in by America or certainly be one of the six people chosen by the judges who were given a chance to sing for a 'wild-card' spot. For the girls, I think Jen Hirsh was most deserving,  although she did get a chance to sing  for a wild card spot and was still passed on by the judges.

Biggest disappointment?.....For me, it had to be Hallie Day, who I thought was a shoe-in for the TOP 13, but maybe having so many of the girls with blonde hair really did do in this Marilyn Monroe look-alike! now, let's look ahead to this week and the TOP 13....

TOP 3 GUYS: Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips....the 4 other guys (Heejun Hun, Jermaine Jones, Jeremy Rosado and DeAndre Brackensick) don't really stand a chance to be brutally honest! Let's hope Heejun and DeAndre have QUICK exits!

TOP 3 GIRLS:  Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone and  Shannon Magrane, but don't count out Hollie Cavanaugh, she's got some serious vocal talent and could be a big challenge. I think Skylar Laine and Erika Van Pelt will struggle to go deep in the competition.

This week, all of the TOP 13 will perform on a two-hour (8-10PM) Wednesday night show, with the Guys singing from the Stevie Wonder songbook, and the Girls performing songs of Whitney Houston in a tribute to her.

Mary Jane Blige

Mary Jane Blige, an American singer, songwriter, record producer and occasional rapper and actress, will be the guest mentor this week for all the Idol contestants.

More on the TOP 13 after all the performances on Wednesday night and before the one-hour results show (8-9PM) on Thursday night.

Until then, Eddie Idol is.......OUT!

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