Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Idol turns back the clock once again tonight as the TOP 8 will perform 'Songs of the 80's', with each contestant able to pick songs from the genres they’re comfortable with, so that's a good thing. Song choices by all, and for some more importantly than others, will be very critical.

Another good thing is that we will have a performance show without Heejun 'The Horrible' Hun involved in it, as justice was finally served last week, with Heejun being sent home. Needless to say there wasn't a part of me saddened with his departure. THANK YOU AMERICA!

My TOP 8 Rankings going into tonight's 80's show are as follows:
  1. Jessica Sanchez.....she's vocally well ahead of the rest of the field, and carries herself on stage way more professionally and with maturity beyond her years.
  2. Phillip Phillips.....what you see is what you get with this kid. I think he's a more 'all-around' talented performer and musician, and more than just a singer on stage
  3. Elise dark-horse for making the FINALS and on the rise the last few weeks. Tonight I think she's got another great opportunity to shine with 80's music, so song choice will be key, and I think based on the last few weeks, she'll do great!
  4. Colton Dixon.....he's been solid, but not sensational by any means, and he's yet to be in the dreaded bottom 3, which I thought he would be last week. I do think he'll do well tonight, and hopefully pick a song that isn't so obscure.
  5. Joshua Ledet.....vocally, he's probably the MOST talented male contestant left, but he lacks the overall talent that Phillip and Colton have. He also tends to over-sing his songs. He needs to have a big night tonight, so the right song choice will be very important for him.
  6. Hollie Cavanaugh.....may have the most on the line tonight after finding herself in the 'bottom 3' last week and facing elimination. My advice to her is no more ballads, come out looking and singing something 'young and fun' tonight from the 80's.
  7. Skylar Laine.....who wants to bet me Skylar sings an 80's classic country song tonight? There's plenty of great songs from the decade for her to choose from, so she better pick one she can put her stamp on tonight!
  8. DeAndre he ended up NOT being in the 'bottom 3' last week was a surprise, and I've just about had enough of falsetto boy. You can only go so far with that, and I think he'll struggle tonight unless he picks a song that will really match his voice.
Just for fun, here's a list of VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's , some of which I'm certain we will hear performed on tonight's 2-hour show on FOX.

So….who do you think will do well tonight? Who’s your top Idol contestants? More from Eddie Idol after the TOP 8 perform their 80's magic on tonight's show. As always, stay tuned for more ‘Eddie Idol’ chatter…….after the show!

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